Image courtesy of Chris Holly
Image courtesy of Chris Holly

Accounting for Water

 Humanity is facing a crisis with quality water resources decreasing at the same time as demand and population size increases.

Dr Edward Tello’s PhD looked at the development of General Purpose Water Accounting in Australia and the discharge of accountability for the management of water resources. Dr Tello’s research is involved with the development of the Australian Water Accounting Standards for the provision of water accounts.

Dr Tello examined perceptions of report preparers and users of the world-leading Australian Water Accounting Standards developed by the Water Accounting Standards Board. It is worth mentioning that one of his PhD papers included the study of groundwater accounting in Australia. Professor Lorne Cummings and Dr James Hazelton from the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance supervised Dr Tello’s research.

The core component of Dr Tello’s PhD was his involvement in the National Water Accounting Development Pilot Project between June 2008 and June 2009. Dr Tello, along with Dr Hazelton, had the opportunity of working for the Water Accounting Standards Board on the Pilot Project. They prepared several briefings and position papers on the Board’s behalf that informed the formulation of the Australian Water Accounting Standards which underpin the National Water Account prepared by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Through his research Dr Tello has become a leading academic in the area of water accounting. A key strength of his research is its impact on water policy. Australia is now a world-leader in this area and other countries may adopt similar standards in the future.