Highly Functional and Robust, Monolithic Fibre Laser Systems

The innovation involves the realisation of highly simplified and robust lasers with maximum functionality, for various applications ranging from airborne environments to medical procedures. The type of laser being developed is called a fibre laser and consists of a laser operating within an optical fibre. The innovation comes when these lasers are combined with internal mirrors, known as fibre Bragg gratings. More specifically by using fibre Bragg gratings written via the point-by-point method which have been shown to have properties favourable for lasers, it is possible to realise enhanced functionality from the lasers and therefore new applications.

TEAM: Macquarie University: Mr Nemanja Jovanovic, Dr Graham Marshall, Dr Alexander Fuerbach, Dr Michael Steel and Dr Michael Withford Partner Institutions: Friedrich-Schiller Universitat — Jens Thomas, Stefan Nolte and Andreas Tunnermann.