Revisiting the 2005 Innovation Awards

In 2005, Macquarie University’s Innovation Awards celebrated research excellence across a number of categories.

Dr Amit Kapur and Professor Mark Baker won the Invention Disclosure Award for their novel approach to purifying antibodies from chicken eggs.

The Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning went to Sharon Kerr, Andrew Burrell, Jennifer Bainbridge and Patricia Edmonds for their work on Macquarie’s Customised Accessibility Services.

Professor Suzanne O’Reilly and Professor William Griffin won the Innovation in Research Award for their work on TerraneChron®. BHP and Rio Tinto are now regular users of this technology and it was featured as part of World-Leading Research, World-Changing Impact, the publication celebrating Macquarie’s Golden Jubilee.

Peter Blockley and Anthony Parker won the Innovative Partnership Award. Their partnership produced a “Mixed-Based, Vector-Corrected, Vector Signal/Network Analyser Offering 300KHZ Bandwidth Wand Traceable Phase Response”. It combined three previously separate technologies into a single unit while also increasing the sensitivity of the units.

The Commercial Innovation Award was won by Dr Ray Hayek and Dr Peter Bull for the spin-off company “Image Connections Australasia”.

Megan Vazey and Dr Debbie Richards won the Postgraduate Innovation Award for a Collaborative Classification Software Solution that was designed with inbound call centres in mind.

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