Equality matters when ending civil wars

Professor Daniel Druckman, Eminent Scholar at Macquarie University, is a member of the Soft Power Advocacy and Research Centre. His research has focused on the negotiated agreements that end civil wars. Professor Druckman has been attempting to work out if certain elements of these peace agreements affect the longevity of the peace that follows.

This research has led Professor Druckman to the notion of equality or justness. If justness is seen to be distributed equally in a finalised peace agreement, then the peace is often more robust and long lasting. Adhering to justice principles during the process of negotiation sets in motion a path to equality in the agreements that then strengthens the durability of those agreements and the lasting peace to follow.  There was also a marked difference between peace agreements that looked to the past and to settling old scores, and those that looked to the future with a vision for new security and governmental institutions. Forward looking peace agreements were more likely to be robust and long lasting.

This work is likely to have an impact on the formulation of negotiating new peace agreements and the assessment of current ones. It may influence how civil wars are terminated in ways that ensure the longevity of peace.

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