Image courtesy of Chris Baumann
Image courtesy of Chris Baumann

Leading the way in exploring customer loyalty and global competitiveness

Dr Baumann researches customer loyalty and its drivers. He has introduced the concept of Share of Wallet (SOW) and researched its measurement and prediction. He next established the non-linear relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty. Dr Baumann has also established that there are ethnic differences in customer loyalty. His contribution to methodology is also emphasised by his work on hybrid styles of modelling loyalty that are superior to traditional ways of looking at customer loyalty.

Dr Baumann also researches global competitiveness and he has established links between culture, competitiveness and performance. He has also researched whether a nation’s secondary education performance drives competitiveness or vice versa. His research establishes that on many dimensions, East Asia has superseded Western markets with a key driver being East Asia’s Confucian approach to education. His newest stream of research with research student Hana Krskova investigates the association between discipline in education and performance as well as a nation’s competitiveness.

Dr Baumann presented his concept of Competitive Productivity at the Australian Business Productivity and Innovation Summit, and the Senate of Australia issued an invitation to submit an evaluation of the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement for a Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee inquiry.

Baumann is a columnist for the Korea Times, Korea’s oldest independent and most influential English-language daily newspaper. Baumann’s global outreach and impact is underpinned by his appointments as Visiting Professor at institutions such as Korea’s Seoul National University (SNU) and Aarhus University in Denmark.

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