A new approach to understanding how Australia’s seas are changing

2013 Research Award Highly Commended

Professor Rob Harcourt, Faculty of Science

Professor Rob Harcourt has pioneered a new collaborative approach to measuring how large marine vertebrates (seals, sharks, fish, seabirds) and invertebrates (lobster, cephalopods) use our coasts and oceans.

By sharing information across multiple studies we are able to see the big picture, critical in this time of rapid environmental change. Professor Harcourt has led the Australian Animal Tagging and Monitoring System (AATAMS) supporting 175 researchers across 45 institutions and over 70 research projects with over 100 scientific publications.

More than 60 postgraduate research theses have arisen from this network with many more on track. AATAMS is now global and has fundamentally altered our understanding of higher trophic level responses to ocean change.

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