Excellence in Higher Degree Research – Social Sciences, Business & Humanities (2014 Award Winner)

Mr Mirko Farina, Faculty of Human Sciences

Foundations for a new theory of cultural learning

The main goal of Mirko’s research in the philosophy of cognitive science is to investigate the relevance of psycho-historical theories of cultural learning for the socio-technological scaffolding, development, and phylogenetic evolution of human cognition. Mirko’s research brings together results from four different but highly interconnected interdisciplinary fields: 1) ontogeny of cognitive systems; 2) phylogeny of cognition; 3) philosophy of perception; and 4) distributed cognition. By analysing the philosophical and empirical issues underlying these fields, his research aims to develop an integrative, richly multidimensional (and truly multidisciplinary) framework to understand the phenomenon of cultural learning across and along different timescales.

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