Cover image courtesy of Allen & Unwin.
Cover image courtesy of Allen & Unwin.

Taking God to School

Fewer Australians practise a religion or claim belief in God than ever. Yet Australian governments invest more in Christianising our schools than at any time since Federation. Taking God to School is the first of two projected books for Marion Maddox’s Future Fellowship.

Taking God to School demonstrates that governments are systematically demolishing our once proud, free, compulsory and secular education, in favour of taxpayer-funded dogma and division, exacerbating inequality. The implications are unsettling for our society and for our democracy.

This book retrieves a forgotten history of thoughtful reflection on religion in schools, and proposes a way forward.

– “Tells how Australia’s ‘noble dream’ of public education in the 19th century has been undermined by a combination of selfish political vote buying, judicial abdication and public indifference.” Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG

– “A timely, important and powerfully argued call to defend our secular system.” The Sydney Morning Herald ‘Book of the Week’, 15-16 February 2014

– “An important book… successfully brings academic discipline to writing… for an informed general readership.” Australasian Parliamentary Review, May 2013

– “Marion Maddox is challenging all Australians about the kind of society we want for the future. There is much at stake here and this makes Taking God to School essential reading.” Hon Peter Garrett AM, Sydney Review of Books, 30 May 2014

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