Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn
Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn

3rd Community Awareness of Policing Program

Developed by the NSW Police Force Customer Service Program, the Community Awareness of Policing Program (CAPP) provides the leaders of our communities with a unique and unprecedented insight into policing in NSW and encourages these leaders to pass on their insights to their broader communities and networks.

Each CAPP has been hosted by a member of the Commissioner’s Executive Team. Professor Lucy Taksa’s participation in CAPP 3 in 2011 enhanced information exchange between the Police Force and Macquarie University staff, students and members of external organisations, in addition to improving research training and opportunities at Macquarie University.

In November 2011 Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn presented at the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Symposium that was organised by Professor Taksa – and on 7 November 2013, Deputy Commissioner Burn and Detective Mahoney presented on the value of research at the FBE Higher Degree Research Expo.

In December 2013 Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas presented at the Cultural Diversity Research Network symposium, Cultural Diversity @ Work.

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Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas

In 2013, the NSW Police Force approved case study research for two PhD students: one being conducted by Amanda Riedel on the impact of absences from the workforce on women’s social capital and career progression and another conducted by Yousef Alnamlah on Muslim religious practices in the workplace and their implications for management.

This case study research has not only provided significant empirical data for Macquarie University PhD students, but it also increases knowledge that can assist planning and management in the NSW Police Force.

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