Early Career Researcher of the Year – Science & Engineering (Highly Commended 2013)

Dr David Frew, Faculty of Science

Dr David Frew is an early career researcher in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Macquarie University.

Since graduating with a PhD from Macquarie, Dr Frew has worked at Perth Observatory as an astronomer, and as a research associate at Macquarie University with the successful ARC Linkage Space To Grow Science Education Project.

Dr Frew is currently a Macquarie University Research Fellow, working on his passion, the late-stage evolution of stars. His PhD dissertation was nominated for the 2009 Bragg Medal of the Australian Institute of Physics, and since then his career has flourished.

His key work on the galactic population of planetary nebulae, and on statistically unbiased, volume-limited PN samples is at least two years ahead of the field, and this has led to him being invited onto some of the most cutting-edge international observing projects as a key collaborator, such as for the Chandra X-ray Space Telescope, and the Herschel Space Observatory.

Dr Frew has also been invited to several international symposia to present his findings, and he was on the scientific organising committee of the APN6 Symposium in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. He has also individually won many awards of peer-reviewed telescope time for his research, including on the 8-m Very Large Telescope in Chile, and the Hubble Space Telescope.

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