Video Testimonial

Kuang from China studied at the ELC in the BAE program (University Entry English Preparation Program for Business, Accounting and Economics). See what he has to say about his course and his overall experience.

  • "My listening skills improved greatly."

    Hong Anh Trieu, Vietnam
    Academic English and BAE

    ELC Testimonial Bophan
  • "In my experience the staff of the ELC are always friendly and willing to help you. The teachers are very qualified and enthusiastic."

    Hugo Burguete Gutierrez, Mexico

    ELC Testimonial Hugo Burguete Gutierrez
  • "I think my writing skills are the most important skills that I learnt at the ELC, as they will help me with my academic life."

    Diego dos Santos de Medeiros, Brazil
    General English, Academic English and HAS

    ELC Testmonial Diego dos Santos de Medeiros
  • "I received all of the assistance that I needed at the ELC. I met nice people that were always there to help me."

    Juiliana Fornseca, Brazil
    Academic English and HAS

    ELC Testimonial Juliana Fornseca
  • "I was very sad to finish my last class, I will miss all of the people a lot!"

    Lu Zuo, China
    General English and BAE

    ELC Testimonial Lu Zuo
  • "I have good memories about my teachers and classmates, some jokes while studying grammar, laughing together and learning every day a bit more about other cultures, and of course, learning English."

    Pedro Coelho Torres, Brazil
    General English and HAS

    ELC Testimonial Pedro Coelho Torres

Video Testimonial

See why Maple chose to study at the ELC before starting her degree studies at Macquarie University, and what she thinks about her time with us.

  • "Now I can communicate with my friends and teachers easier and I do not forget to pronounce the end sound of the words."

    Thi Thanh Tuyen Dao, Vietnam
    Academic English and BAE

    ELC Testimonial Thi Thanh Tuyen
  • "Being with other cultures improved my English in a way that couldn't be done in my home country."

    Renato Da Silva, Brazil
    General English and HAS

    ELC Testimonial Renato Da Silva
  • "My experience at ELC was absolutely amazing. I was impressed with the quality of the structure of the English course from day one."

    Hussein Abdullah Salih, Kurdistan
    General English

    ELC Testimonial Hussein Abdullah Salih
  • "My time in the ELC is the time where I learnt the most amount of English in my life. "

    Lu Nan (Lynn) Yang
    Academic English

    Lu Nan Yang