Student Pitch Competition 2021

The MQ Incubator’s Student Pitch Competition is back, and bigger than ever, in 2021! With $20,000 worth of prize money up for grabs, there’s no better time to muster up the courage to participate!

Entry requirements

  • open to all current Macquarie University students
  • more than one person can participate in the pitch
  • entries are limited to one pitch per student, and two pitches per student group.

Pitch Categories

Category 1 - Pitches For profit: A showcase of ideas which seek to solve a problem and generate revenue for founders and shareholders.

Category 2 - Pitches for Impact: A showcase of ideas which seek to address a pressing social challenge

Category 3 - Best Worst Idea: A showcase of terrible and funny ideas. Let the finalists tell you about the worst/funny ideas in the best possible way!

  • The top eight pitches for each category will be published online for voting purposes.
  • Community voting will be undertaken online.
  • All participants that have their pitches selected for the voting round will receive a participation certificate.

Pitch Format

  • Strictly 3 minutes in length
  • All pitches must be filmed and supplied to the Incubator by the submission close date.
  • Ensure that you're not revealing any IP (intellectual property) — if in doubt, seek independent advice or participate in the Pitch Program where we cover this topic.
  • Pitches that contain any information that is deemed offensive, degrading or against Macquarie University policy will not be accepted into the competition.

Pitch Program 3D printed trophys, consisting of a poop emoji, microphone and piggy bank

Category 1 – Pitches for Profit

  • Most Appealing Idea (expert panel decision) - Winner $3,500, Runner-up $2,000
  • Best Pitch (audience choice) - Winner $2,000, runner-up, $1,000

Category 2 – Pitches for Impact

  • Most Appealing Idea (expert panel decision) - Winner $3,500, Runner-up $2,000
  • Best Pitch (audience choice) - Winner $2,000, Runner-up $1,000

Category 3 – Best Worst Idea

  • Best 'worst' Pitch (audience choice) - Winner $2,000, Runner up $1,000

The expert judging panel will determine the winner and runner-up in each sub-category:

Idea with the Most Potential (For Profit & Impact categories)

  • Commercial feasibility — identified a large market and critical issue worth solving.
  • Level of impact — clearly understands and articulate the impact of their solution will deliver and how.
  • Content — the quality of information delivered in the pitch.

Best Pitch (For Profit & Impact categories)

  • Quality of delivery — easy to understand, excellent use of language.
  • Structure of the pitch — had a distinct beginning, middle and end, with a clear ask.
  • Technique — compelling delivery and made a connection with the audience.

Best Worst Idea

  • Creativity — shows imagination and demonstrates 'outside the box' thinking.
  • Originality — shows an unconventional approach to problem-solving and demonstrates unique perspectives.
  • Delivery — engaging communication techniques, with a performance mindset (extra points for prototypes).

Audience Choice (in each category: for profit, impact & best worst idea)

  • Number of peer votes secured — this is a popularity test, plain and simple.
  • Monday 27th September: pitch submissions open
  • Sunday 10th October: pitch submissions close
  • Wednesday 14th October: Audience choice award voting commences
  • Thursday 21st October: Audience choice award voting closes.
  • Wednesday 27th October: Pitch Awards Event