Project Updates

Building your future

Macquarie University is actively building a better future for its staff, students and the community, with the Property office undertaking a number of major development projects. Here are updates on those projects that are being developed in line with the Macquarie University Concept Plan 2009 and Campus Master Plan.

If you have any questions about any of our major projects or other works happening on Campus, please contact the Property Service Team on (02) 9850 7145. Information on other refurbishment and building projects being undertaken on the University is available here.

C7A (Old Library) Interim Refurbishment - MUSE

MUSE Banner

Since the occupation of the new Learning and Research Centre (Library) C3C in 2011, a lot of speculation has been occurring about what is going to happen to the old Library (C7A). While a long term strategy for the redevelopment of the building is being planned, an interim solution was proposed to utilise the space until the commencement of the redevelopment construction.

Property engaged 3 architectural firms to develop 3 different spaces within the useable areas of C7A. The brief - provide a variety of flexible spaces that support the social learning environment and to push the boundaries of previously developed spaces. These spaces include areas for groups of 2, 4, 6 and 8+ students to gather to collaborate and work together or study while also providing opportunity for some more personal work spaces. These spaces should be considered the middle ground between the social and active environment of the Campus Hub (C10A) and the more formal and quiet spaces of the new Learning and Research Centre (Library) C3C. The interim solution, an experimentation of informal learning spaces, coming out of this brief is MUSE - Macquarie University Spatial Experience. MUSE is a transformable space engineered to shift and change; a creative environment in which to think, to be inspired. 

MUSE opened for student use in December 2013 and is to be open for a period of around 3 years. More info on MUSE 

MUSE was completed and Level 2 opened to students late December. Student Connect opened in January, and the whole of MUSE was open by the start of Session 1, 2014. 


Australian Hearing Hub

The Australian Hearing Hub is a unique, world-class facility purpose-designed to facilitate collaborative research into hearing and related speech and language disorders. The project commenced in 2010 and construction was completed late 2012 More Details

Property Australian Hearing Hub Artist's Impression

Macquarie Theatre Refurbishment

Macquarie Theatre underwent significant refurbishment from late 2011 until October 2012, which has transformed the venue from a 1970's traditional theatre into a more modern, sustainable teaching and learning facility allowing large group teaching alongside small group active learning space. More details

Artist's Impression of Macquarie Theatre - colour and materials subject to change