WWI Age at Enlistment

Anzac Unit Group 1

The National Average Age for soldiers enlisting in WWI was 24.25 years of age. Having fluctuated from 23 in 1914, to 26 in 1916 and fell again to 24 by 1918. https://www.awm.gov.au/journal/j33/mcquilton/

Our combined research shows that this is also the case for our towns and rural areas, with just over half of our soldiers aged 18 to 23. Almost half of those would have needed parental/guardian consent to enlist. These figures cannot take into account the number of young men who lied about their age, some as young as 12, wanting to be a part of 'a Great Adventure'.


Not all who lied about their age weren't old enough to fight, this soldier claimed to be 44 and enlisted with his  3 sons.... His age was later found out to be 58.

"For King & Country", Moyne Shire Youth Council, 2011