Western Walk

18 items available.
Clive Murray-White Parasite 1973/4 Steel Outdoors placed at the base of stairs of the Lincoln Building C8A to Library
Anna Cohn Mangroves 1992 steel tubes, chromium and baked enamel Outdoors mounted on wall of building W6B opposite stairwell
Jan Shaw Kevin 2002 Sandstone Outdoors of the Special Education Centre building X5A
Louie Fraser Joy 1995 concrete and steel Outdoors western end in internal garden courtyard of building W6B
Margel Hinder From North Point 1970 Copper Outdoors on Macquarie Drive, outside building C4B
Jan King Descant 1990 painted welded steel Outdoors to the western end of the main entrance to the Library
Errol Davis 'Beacon' 1992 stainless steel Outdoors on hill between building C3B and C4B
Trevor Weekes 'Achievement Through Unity' 1986 Bronze Outdoors Library main entrance and near Wally's Walk
18 items available.