Creative Revisions: Retracing 50 Years of Artistic Responses to the University Campus

10 September - 24 October

A Macquarie University Art Gallery exhibition in collaboration with Memory, Macquarie University

A Multidisciplinary Curatorium

David Humphries, Community Mural Project, Macquarie University 1978, acrylic ploymer paint. Courtesy of the artist. Photograph Jozef Vissel, Macquarie University.

Since its foundation in 1964, the Macquarie University campus - its structures, environment, people and culture - has been an endless source of inspiration in generating a myriad of artistic responses. A salient feature of the University setting throughout the 70s and 80s was the Artist in Residence program which brought artists of such calibre as Alun Leach Jones, David Rankin, Jon Rhodes and Carol Jerrems to the University campus. These thriving days of the 70s and 80s will be a keen focus of exploration through both archival material and contact with the artists that participated as Artists in Residence during this exciting period.

Creative Revisions highlights both past and contemporary responses that collectively showcase the links between cultural, scientific and artistic practices which have strengthened and informed the identity of one of Australia's leading tertiary institutions as different and inventive. The exhibition reveals the historical and contemporary links that engage us with the Macquarie University campus as a place that is vibrant, modern, fresh and inclusive. With Contemporary work commissioned to enliven the campus to remind us all what a truly spectacular environment it is.

Artists include: Effy Alexakis, David Aspden, Vanessa Berry, David Boyd, Iain Brew, Rhonda Dee, Roger Foley-Fogg, Michael Gilling, Pro Hart, David Humphries, David Jensz, Michael Jagamarra, Carol Jerrems, Alun Leach Jones, Rocket Mattler, Tim Moore, Ron Oldfield, Cedar Prest, David Rankin, Jon Rhodes, Martin Sharp, David Sudmalis, Betty Thorn, Chris Tobin, Jozef Vissel, Stephen Walker, Kayo Yokoyama and new commissioned work.