Art Gallery Exhibitions - 2014

Royston Harpur: Journey to Cold Mountain

28 November 2014 - 21 January 2015

Painter and poet, Royston Harpur was born in Sydney in 1938. He studied painting and art history with Maximilian Feurring in the mid-1950s, calligraphy with Shotei Ibata in the early 1970s, and piano with Istvan Faradai in the early 1980s. Numerous institutions within both Europe and Australia have engaged Harper's services as critic, and from conservator to curator and gallery manager.

Ian Milliss and Vernon Treweeke: Then and Now

31 October - 21 November 2014

This exhibition looks anew at not only Milliss' and Treweeke's work produced in the 1960s but explores it in relation to their current practices working as contemporary artists.

Creative Revisions: Retracing 50 Years of Artistic Responses to the University Campus

10 September - 24 October 2014

Creative Revisions highlights both past and contemporary responses that collectively showcase the links between cultural, scientific and artistic practices which have strengthened and informed the identity of one of Australia's leading tertiary institutions as different and inventive. 

Fields of Vision: Art & Astronomy

21 July - 22 August 2014

This exhibition marries the diverse and captivating 'fields of vision' that inspire, entrall and mystify human perceptions and synergies between art and astronomy. It has been specially scheduled and designed to celebrate the hosting by Macquarie University of the Annual meeting of the Astronomical Society of Australia.

50 Highlights of the Macquarie University Collection

In celebrating the University's Jubilee Year the University Gallery is presenting 50 highlights from the Collection comprising many works of national significance by leading Australian artists.

Affinities - 7 Museums 50 Objects

The exhibition AFFINITIES: 7 Museums, 50 objects dissolves the walls between museums to expose, celebrate and give voice to the multiple connections that exist between diverse collections.


Transplantation: A Sense of Place and Culture features twelve contemporary jewellery artists from the UK and Australia and explores the theme of place and cultural identity arising from their personal and family experiences of "transplantation".