Art Gallery Exhibitions - 2013

Judy Cassab Exhibition

The Macquarie University Art Gallery and other public institutions will be participating by exhibiting Judy Cassab's works from their collections.

Chain Reaction: Kate Downhill Exhibition

Chain Reaction is a survey exhibition recounting the work of British Australian artist Kate Downhill and demonstrating the artist's production spanning the last fifteen years.

Arthur Wicks: Ahead of 'The Field'

See paintings, prints and shaped canvases by Arthur Wicks, a key proponent of colour field painting in Australia.

Unbound and Bound

The question of 'when is a book a book?' is seriously considered in the two visually stunning and intellectually enthralling partner exhibitions developed by Macquarie University Art Gallery revealed in Unbound at the University Art Gallery and Bound at the University Library.


Stalled is an insight into the differences between seven artists' work.


transit brings together the work of two Australian artist couples that have recently lived and worked in the United Arab Emirate of Sharjah  - Meredith Brice, Stephen Copland, Karee S Dahl and Colin G Reaney.

Selling an American Dream: Australia’s Greek Café

Australia's Greek café is presented as a global phenomenon in the modern era. Food-catering enterprises run by Greek migrants/settlers successfully married Hellenic and cross-cultural influences with local needs.