Song of Earth and Sea

26 August - 14 October 2011

Curators: Rhonda Davis and Leonard Janiszewski

Song of Earth and Sea is a major retrospective exhibiton capturing the life and work of one of Australia's foremost artists, Shay Docking. Exploring the majestic realm of the Australian landscape through Docking's unique vision, coupled with her intense study of volcanoes and the angophora trees, offers new readings of the Australian environment.

The exhibition will reflect the way Docking represented nature and the landscape as intrinsically linked to our evolving national identity. Song of Earth and Sea will place Shay Docking within the canons of Australian art history to give proper recognition to her work as one of our most important landscape artists.

Harvest Moon and Tree
Shay Docking
High Tops, Volcanoes,
Warrumbungles, NSW, 1988
Oil and acrylic on hardboard
Courtesy and collection the artist's estate
Photography Effy Alexakis, Photowrite

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