Art Gallery Exhibitions - 2011


Arboreal explores the way trees are more than just biochemical entities but living cultures within their own right and capable of collecting narratives of historical and contemporary importance.

Song of Earth and Sea

Song of Earth and Sea is a major retrospective exhibiton capturing the life and work of one of Australia's foremost artists, Shay Docking. Exploring the majestic realm of the Australian landscape through Docking's unique vision, coupled with her intense study of volcanoes and the angophora trees, offers new readings of the Australian environment.

In Her Own Image- Greek-Australian Women

This photographic exhibition highlights the images and statements of past and present, both known and not so well known, Greek-Australian women - their successes, their failures, their hopes and their dreams.

No Room to Hide

No Room to Hide takes an in-depth look into the studio practice of six contemporary artists, exploring the complexities of their work processes and aesthetic responses. Students from various disciplines at Macquarie University have been matched with an artist to document those processes and responses as a mechanism for recording both the inexplicable and the overt of contemporary art practice.

Painting in Gold

Painting in Gold will reveal how traditional and contemporary icon paintings have transformed over time a rich and varied practice. Visitors will be able to map both the changes and developments within the different Eastern Christian iconographic traditions.

Visual Essays

Hasan Fuat Sari, brings a new dimension to international culture through his sculptural works. Turkish-born Sari now lives in Turku, Finland, and draws upon his colourful life experiences to create unusual combinations of cross-cultural art.

India - Past Present and Abroad

India - Past, Present and Abroad interconnects the historical past with the present through the lived experiences and narratives told by Indian communities, both here and abroad. India occupies a vast reservoir of knowledge and culture steeped within a long history that dates back to some 9,000 years, and has in more recent times greatly influenced Western thought and ideology.

Unseen Ways

Unseen Ways is an exhibition about eight Sydney artists and their bodies of work. Although some of these artists have been practicing for decades, their practices have until recently been little known outside of the specialised studio system in which they work.