Art Gallery Exhibitions - 2010

Gooch's Utopia

This touring exhibition draws on indigenous art collected by the late Rodney Gooch (1949-2002) who settled in Central Australia in his early 30s.

Gooch was deeply engaged with the production and sale of art from Utopia, a tract of land located some 240km north-east of Alice Springs. His personal collection is well recognised as significant within the field of Australian Aboriginal Art.

Our Choice

Our Choice explores the idea of the 'exhibition' as a platform for collaborative engagement through audience participation. Utilising aspects of the University Collection we invite visitors to reflect on a set of ideas that explore the production of the aesthetic and how that impacts on the gallery space.

Virtual Encounters

Virtual Encounters is a major exhibition of works by internationally acclaimed artist, Paula Dawson. The exhibition, rarely seen on public display, offers the public a unique opportunity to engage with the symbiotic relationship between art and science through Dawson's striking and haunting holograms.

Bad Blood

This exhibition is a long-overdue survey of the work of acclaimed Sydney artist and critic Arthur McIntyre (1945-2003).

A partnership with Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre this survey is the first comprehensive examination of a practice primarily defined by painterly abstraction, mixed media collage and illustration.

Silent Spaces

This exhibition will explore the intensity of silence in its various forms - silence as integral to healing, power and an understanding of the human condition and its relationship with nature.

Located Aesthetics

An exhibition about the spaces between art and ethnography, taking examples of creative collaborations between anthropologists and indigenous people in arenas from remote communities to urban environments.