Art Gallery Exhibitions - 2007

Ron Oldfield
  • Dates: From 19 October to 29 November

The exhibition Drawn Marks explores the processes both transitory and concentrated behind the production of works on paper from the idea stage to the finished work. The exceptional quality of paper accommodates a variety of technique and medium complimentary to the progress of the artist's oeuvre. Many works previously unseen to the public including lithographs by European masters such as Marc Chagall and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec will form the nucleus of this exhibit. John Brack, George Baldessin, Bill Cantwell, William Dobell, Arthur Boyd, Judy Cassab, Shay Docking, Russell Drysdale, Ian Fairweather, James Gleeson, Elaine Haxton, Francis Lymburner, Dusan Marek, Helen Maudsley, Arthur McIntyre, John Olsen, Anne Thompson, Lloyd Rees and Tony Tuckson.

Oldfield 2


Oldfield 1

  • Dates: From 10 September to 5 October

  • Dates: From 16 July to 7 September

Celebrating Aboriginal Rights? is a introspective exhibition which brings together an array of material - paintings, photographs, film, documents and posters - to question how far the 1967 referendum has advanced Aboriginal rights, equality and citizenship in its 40th Anniversary year. By and large considered a defining moment in Australia's political history, the Referendum was put to the Australian public forty years ago as a means to stop discrimination against Aborigines and to guarantee their inclusion in future opinion polls. The passing of the referendum allowed the Commonwealth rather than the States to legislate for indigenous people - of particular concern at the time were health, education and housing. So how did the Referendum succeed in improving the quality of life for indigenous people as Australian citizens?

Bracelets and Batons and Lest We Forget
L to R: Les Griggs Bracelets and Batons 1988; Bronwyn Bancroft Lest We Forget 2001

  • Dates: From 26 April to 6 July

Exploration traverses the spatial realms of vast and indefinite territories - travelling beyond the parameters of what is known and visible. This exhibition drawn from Macquarie's extensive collections reference various sites and places to reveal the way land and space navigation transforms space into place. A thought-provoking display mixing modernist and contemporary art works with records, maps, journals and photography to evoke the psychological and spiritual imperatives that accompany such journeys.

  • Dates: From 02 February to 20 April

This is a collection-based exhibition, bringing together a multidisciplinary display of visualised textures that depict the beauty and diversity of the Australian environment. Historically, nationalism supported the idea of environmentalism as people came to identify with the Australian landscape through imagery such as the Banksia and Eucalyptus. Environs will convey the nexus between art, science and nature to highlight the contribution made by artists and indigenous culture in raising our awareness of the natural environment. Environs is a timely reminder of the current ecological crisis that affect us all within the context of global warming. Artists will include Effy Alexakis, Lawrence Daws, Rosalie Gascoigne, John Olsen, Celcia Rosser, Billy Thomas, Craig Waddell, Fred Williams and more.