Art Gallery Exhibitions - 2005

  • Dates: From mid-December 2005 to mid-January 2006

2005 has been designated by the United Nations as the World Year of Physics, to remind the world of the central role Physics plays in the enabling sciences. The Physics Art Prize is the headline event of many planned by the Department of Physics at Macquarie University.

It is an acquisitive award, first prize money $15,000. Artists are to respond to five (5) large format posters which feature the following research areas of the department: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Lasers and Optics, Semiconductor Materials and Devices, Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Biophotonics.

Artists exhibited: James Angus, Marea Atkinson, Karin Beaumont, Stephen Birch, Colleen Blake, Simon Bourke, Meredith Brice, Robert Bryce, Gaye Chapman, Peter Charuk, Felix Cheung, Caroline Jeanne Coate, Stephen Copland, Fan Dongwang, Tracy Cornish, Jayne Dyer, Anne Edmonds, Catriona Galbraith, Ernie Gerzabek, Kaye L. Green, Rosemarie Gregelec, Stephen Haley, Joanne Handley, Malcolm Harding, Chris Henschke, Isobel Johnston, Marjatta Kaukomaa, Susan Kneebone, Jeanette Landstedt, Jennifer Little, Melinda Menning, Constantine Nicholas, Sean O'Connell, Sandra Pitkin, Candice Reid-Latimer, Cameron Robbins, Geoffrey Rose, Erica Jane Seccombe, Larissa Smagarinsky, Felicity Spear, Matt Staples, Lindsay Stepanow, David Stephenson, Julie Stephenson, Teong-Eng Tan, Simon Taylor, Kevin Todd, Marika Varady.


  • Dates: From 5 September to 14 October

Berowra Visions traces the conceptual nature of occupation, the recognition of sites, and the poetics of spaces through the work of Margaret Preston who resided in Berowra from 1932-39. Berowra as place had an enormous impact upon Preston's work for her to be recognised as one of Australia's most significant artists working in the last century.

The combination of both historical and contemporary material in the display will serve to redefine the local heritage and history of Margaret Preston's occupation in Berowra. An array of intangible heritage will accompany the exhibition to present a living history of place by mediating the dimensions of natural history, local knowledge, memory, myths and values that will consolidate the conceptual nature of this display whilst providing an understanding of the process behind Preston's native flower prints and local places.

In Between BerowraPhoto of Dried Flower

Above left: A still from In Between Berowra, a new media poem on DVD by James Stuart, 2005, Karen Chen - Design Director, Tamara Meem - Editor and Animator, Jon Wicks - Soundtrack

Above right: Waratah from 1966, 2005, Effy Alexakis from Bloodwood Road Series, 2004-2005, photographs, specimum collected by S. G. McKay on the 20th September 1966 and held in the Downing Herbarium, Macquarie University.


  • Dates: From 18 July to 25 August

A joint event between the Art Gallery and Warawara (Indigenous Teaching Unit on campus), including an exhibition of indigenous artwork from the University's collection, coinciding with a program of public events with indigenous themes such as a film night, dance performance, literature readings, and floor talks.

  • Dates: From 1 June to 11 July

References and Notations is a survey exhibition of Ambrose Reisch that spans the period from 1988 to 2005 of paintings, works on paper and sculpture.

Integral to the overall concept of the exhibition will be the display of the notation books, offering an intimate view which parallels the development of the paintings and sculptures. The books will provide a unique insight into the processes behind production by an artist committed to his own personal vision of the landscape.

  • Dates: From 3 May to 26 May

A major exhibition that chronicles the Macquarie University archaeological team led by Professor Naguib Kanawati at the important Teti cemetery and its largest Old Kingdom (3000-2125 BC) courtier's tomb yet uncovered that of Mereruka, the highest official under the Pharaoh Teti. The photographs are a visual diary of the daily toil and complexities behind scholarly investigation, delving into a world of discovery and intrigue.


  • Dates: From 20 April to 29 April

An exhibition that explores the many and varied ways in which bodies are modified and selves are transformed. And the way culturally specific know ledges and practices are mediated and transfigured. The exhibition will be staged in conjunction with the Body Modification conference to be held at Macquarie University 21 - 23 April.

  • Dates: From 7 March to 15 April

This exhibition explores the shifting nature of Australian contemporary culture from the perspective of a recent immigrant trained in the rich visual traditions of Chinese painting and low relief sculpture. 

Cultural difference is explored through complex surfaces made up of popular images and quotations from western and eastern religious cultural forms. 

The exhibition will allow viewers to explore their own shadowed territories of cultural exchange and reconstruction.



  • Dates: From 24 January to 25 February

David Grigg works across a variety of subject matter and mediums including printmaking, ink washes and watercolours through to portraiture, abstraction and landscapes. The conceptual nature of the process of putting paint to canvas is apparent in Griggs work as he expresses the different and varied moods of living both in Europe and Australia. The experience of living in Austria has shifted his palette in producing works of cool serenity as compared to the geographical conditions found in Australia.

His works are represented in the Austrian State Collection at Stromsbruck, and in private collections in Germany, Holland, Austria, Italy, UK, Norway and Australia.