Art Gallery Exhibitions - 2004

Dates: From November 2004 to February 2005

  • Dates: From 22 September to 26 October

'Eye witness' artist George Gittoes brings a powerful vision of the effects of war on the two cities most associated with the new horizon of international terror. Paintings, drawings, photographs, video, personal diaries and objects will offer a complex and yet intimate perception of the effort to make sense of the physical and ideological nature of such conflicts. Curated by Rod Pattenden, this exhibition will examine the role of such art to inform our understandings of the complex world that we now inhabit after 9/11.

  • Dates: From 18 May to 21 June

Script, which has previously toured Melbourne and Regional Victoria, brings together works in a range of media - installation pieces, video, large-scale works on paper, paintings, photographs and artist's books - all of them expressing a vital engagement with the idea of text as image.

10.05.2004 - 18.06.2004 - The Northwood Group

Curated by Leslie Walton; assisted by Rhonda Davis & Kirri Hill (Macquarie University Art Gallery).

The Northwood Group of painters consisted of Roland Wakelin, Lloyd Rees, George Lawrence and John Santry. On the fringe of this group of close friends was Douglas Dundas who frequently tagged along.

The group derives its name from the suburb of Northwood on the lower North Shore of Sydney, where these four painters lived roughly 1940 until 1960. The group did not constitute a united movement nor did it necessarily adhere to any one common aesthetic; each artist painted in his own style and each conceived and interpreted the landscape quite differently. However, all were united by a common enjoyment of landscape painting and of plein air sketching. North Ryde provided the subject for many of their paintings of the 1940s and 50s.

  • Dates: From 10 March to 10 May

This historic exhibition of more than 70 portraits is a unique collection of both an historical and retrospective nature that chronicles the cultural and political struggles of two generations of Indigenous Australians and their continuing testimony to gain autonomy. The striking black and white photographs included in the exhibition feature many of the key figures central to the struggles - activists such as Marcia Langton and Gary Foley; Mum Shirl and other community leaders; artists Wandjuk Marika and Thancoupie; and writers, dancers, filmmakers and photographers. The portraits on display in Proof are testament to Gemes' engagement with the people who make up the Movement - the immense relationship between the photographer and subject is unmistakable in every portrait.

  • Dates: From 2 February 2004 to 2 March 2005

A dynamic exhibition of recent works by two of the most important Melbourne artists whom emerged from the 'ROAR Studios' in 1981. The raw, gestural work of those early days of ROAR studio artists have continued to influence both Ferguson and Singleton in producing vibrant paintings that capture the joy and simplicity of their everyday environment. "Generally the subject matter is drawn from my own environment- children at play, boats on a grey horizon, the surrounding hills of the peninsula." And for Judi Singleton, "The colours I use and my symbols derive from everyday life and experience of recently having children and living by the sea has directly influenced the subject."