Art Gallery Exhibitions - 2002

  • Dates: From 21 October to 20 December

A major exhibition tracing the development of this outstanding sculptor over a sixty year period. The exhibition will look at the way nature and music has inspired his sculptural forms. As curator of the Macquarie University Sculpture Park he has worked and given much needed support to many of our well known sculptors whose works now reside at Macquarie due to untiring work by Errol Davis. The collection has grown from 25 to 65 and now boasts to be the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. The exhibition marks a tribute to Davis' immense talents as a sculptor and shows the passion he has in order to produce the form and movement that are evident throughout his works.

  • Dates: From 9 September to 9 October

This significant collection of Bougainville art from the Australian Museum Sydney, has never been on public exhibition. It presents works that demonstrate a dynamic and evolving culture. The exhibition highlights the links between traditional and contemporary art practices reflecting the many facets of Bougainville society, from structure and government to coming of age ceremonies. A fascinating and diverse range of objects such as canoes, paddles, spears, bows, arrows and jewelry will be on display, as well as contemporary paintings and photographs.

  • Dates: From 5 July to 25 August

Throughout history, fossils have always fired the human imagination. Palaeographia will be an exhibition of original Australian artworks and fossil specimens, drawing its inspiration from the rich Australian fossil record. It will illustrate the long and varied history of life on our ancient continent and its adjacent marine realm through exhibiting scientific illustrations, interpretative artworks and original specimens. A common focus to both scientific study and the artmaking process is the exploration of the world around us; Palaeographia will stand to enhance and project this fusion of art and science.

  • Dates: From 3 May to 26 June

A fresh look at this very popular exhibition which explores the diversity of women's lives. It tackles the historical representation of women as the other and covers issues such as identity, sexuality, love, desire, motherhood, old age and death. The exhibition features artists such as Davida Allen, Linda Klarfeld, Wendy Stavrianos, Julie Rrap, Deborah Walker, and Jenny Watson, and includes some new works to the collection.

  • Dates: From 4 March to 23 April

  • Dates: From 1 December 2001 to 21 February 2002

An eclectic new collection of Aboriginal artworks, featuring both traditional and contemporary pieces. Many well known artists such as Bronwyn Bancroft, Jimmy Pike, Gertie Huddleston and Trevor Nickolls are represented as well as Michael Riley and Billy Thomas whose works defy the Aboriginal Label. The collection includes works from the Great Sandy Desert, Tiwi Islands, Arnhem Land and urban areas.