Art Gallery Exhibitions - 2001

  • Dates: From 12 October to 25 November

A touring show from the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. The display presents themes and techniques that relate to Polish folk art with works ranging from paintings on glass, woodcarvings , and textiles to ceramics and decorated eggs. The works encapsulate the way Polish folk art traditions have influenced Polish artists in Australia.

  • Dates: From 10 September to 10 October

A survey show of indigenous art that features new acquisitions from the collection of Macquarie University and Professor Di Yerbury.

  • Dates: From 3 August to 3 September

This exhibition explores the diversity of women's lives. It tackles the historical representation of women as the other and covers issues such as identity, sexuality, love, desire, motherhood, old age and death. The exhibition features artists such as Davida Allen, Linda Klarfeld, Wendy Stavrianos, Julie Rrap, Deborah Walker, and Jenny Watson.

  • Dates: From 10 May to 21 June

Intimate Glimpses is an exhibition of 90 black and white photographs by three photographers, Effy Alexakis, Michelle Wilson and Mario Bianchino. The variety of images contribute to the many histories the inhabitants of this country hold, and serve to alter our perception of what it means to be an Australian in this year of the Centenary of Federation. The experiences of the people depicted are as diverse as Greek-Australians living in Queensland to the locals surfing at Avalon Beach and on to the strength of the Rainbow Serpent's existence in Aboriginal Australia.

  • Dates: From 31 January to 14 February

This exhibition comprises works by four innovative photographers. The works traverse a variety of issues and approaches, yet come together in artistic strength and intellectual vigor. The exhibition also challenges the idea of women photographers being confined to a certain style and choice of subject matter. Casting New Shadows poses more questions than answers. The revealing shadows in these photographs blur a range of categories and distinctions, which demonstrate that there can be many answers to the one question. Exhibiting photographers- Danny Anderson, Robyn Ferrell, Kellie Greene, and Amanda James.