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Congratulations to Marxine's and Megan Jones for winning the competition! Well done to all the competitors involved on the day.

Check out the photos from the event:

Who are 'Pablo and Rusty's'?

Pablo & Rusty's was founded by Saxon Wright as a gesture to two brothers-in-law, which grew to become today's P&R. A birthday gift to the brothers who love coffee, which grew to be a demand between friends and family for this special roast.


What is so special about the coffee?

Pablo & Rusty's coffee is a fully certified fair trade and organic coffee. The coffees come from Honduras, Indonesia and Ethiopia. It is seasonal, but P&R aim for a consistent profile, and always super tasty!

Pablo & Rusty's only purchase freshly harvested coffee that is sustainable & ethically produced. They trace their coffees to the source and where possible they work closely with the farmers that produce the beans.

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What's with the different cups?

Pablo & Rusty's are all about flavour and the cups play a big part in getting that flavour right.  They are scientific in their approach, and their recipes for the perfect brew are tried and tested on a daily basis at HQ by the P&R core team of Barista's and trainers.

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What is the deal with the tins?

Pablo & Rusty's deliver coffee in tins, one further step towards sustainability. The white tins, seen in outlets across campus are nitro flushed and sent to us full of beans, then sent back to P&R to refill. An awesome and sustainable way to store coffee!

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Where can I get Pablo & Rusty's on campus?

  • Crunch Cafe
  • Globe Cafe
  • Library Cafe
  • Marxine's Cafe
  • Piccolo Lane
  • Staff Cafe
  • Wally's Coffee Cart


Pablo and Rustys Image coffee beans

For more information on Pablo & Rusty's visit:
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