Macquarie awarded more than $14 million in latest ARC Grants round

28 November 2018

Macquarie University has been awarded more than $14 million with 38 projects funded in the latest Australian Research Council (ARC) grants round, announced yesterday.

The Minister for Education, The Hon Dan Tehan MP made the announcement for funding commencing in 2019.

The grants will go towards research projects covering a variety of disciplines. Some of the successful projects include exploring how brains become lateralised, the role of water in earth and planetary evolution, the demographic and social dimensions of migrant ageing and wellbeing in Australia, an economic analysis of time constraints on decision-making in health, and the history of Australian businesswomen since 1880.

Professor Sakkie Pretorius, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) said the ARC grants were recognition not only of Macquarie’s past exceptional research performance but of Macquarie’s potential across a diverse set of research projects.

“I am delighted with the result as it demonstrates the rich research environment at the University that encourages our academics to greatness across a range of fields. The success of this ARC funding round will mean that an array of projects across the University will flourish, allowing us to continue our world-leading research that has real-world impact.

“Successful grant applications take an extraordinary amount of time and dedication and the outstanding result is testament to the research quality produced by Macquarie academics.”

Minister Tehan announced more than $380 million in total in Morrison Government funding for university research projects through the ARC.

A full list of funded projects is below:

Associate Professor Malcolm Choat and Professor Damian Gore (Faculty of Arts): Ancient Egyptian papyri: unlocking secrets to the history of writing

Associate Professor Jean-Philippe Deranty (Faculty of Arts): The case for work

Professor Kathryn Millard (Faculty of Arts): Challenging the Bystander Effect via documentary film

Associate Professor Sandra Suchet-Pearson and Associate Professor Kate Lloyd (Faculty of Arts): Yolngu women keening of songspirals: nourishing and sharing people-as-place

Dr Kevin Carrico (Faculty of Arts): The newest nationalism: constructing a Hong Kong national identity

Dr Adam Hochman (Faculty of Arts): Social constructionism about race

Dr Aline Jaeckel (Faculty of Arts): Mining the deep oceans: ensuring compliance with international obligations

Dr Glenn Kefford (Faculty of Arts): Data, digital and field: political parties and 21st century campaigning

Associate Professor Ross Gordon (Faculty of Business and Economics): In it to win it: an interdisciplinary investigation of sports betting

Professor Fei Guo and Professor Lucy Taksa (Faculty of Business and Economics): Demographic and social dimensions of migrant ageing and wellbeing in Australia

Associate Professor Roselyne Joyeux, Associate Professor George Milunovich, Associate Professor Shuping Shi and Dr Ben Wang (Faculty of Business and Economics): Measuring uncertainty in global housing markets and its risk to Australia

Professor Tak Ken Siu (Faculty of Business and Economics): Two-price quantitative finance

Dr Catherine Bishop (Faculty of Business and Economics): A history of Australian businesswomen since 1880

Associate Professor Shuping Shi (Faculty of Business and Economics): Monitoring financial bubbles using high-frequency data

Dr Le (Lyla) Zhang (Faculty of Business and Economics): Economic analysis of time constraints on decision-making in health

Associate Professor Felicity Cox (Faculty of Human Sciences): The effect of sound change on children’s speech in community diversity

Dr Kim Curby (Faculty of Human Sciences): A new look at perceptual expertise: the attentional Gestalt framework

Professor Lyndsey Nickels (Faculty of Human Sciences): Does word similarity across languages help or hinder bilingual speakers?

Professor Mary Ryan (Faculty of Human Sciences): Improving classroom writing by enhancing reflexive decisions and practice

Dr Lisi Beyersmann (Faculty of Human Sciences): Learning to read and understand complex words

Dr Dominic Berry (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Quantum algorithms for quantum chemistry

Professor Xuan Duong (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Harmonic analysis: function spaces and partial differential equations

Professor Karu Esselle and Dr David Bulger (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Thin antenna beam steering systems with exceptional performance

Associate Professor Nathan Hart and Associate Professor Culum Brown(Faculty of Science and Engineering): How brains become lateralised

Professor Paul Haynes, Dr Mehdi Mirzaei, Professor Brian Atwell and Dr Dana Pascovici (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Re-engineering rice root architecture to maximise water use efficiency

Professor Marie Herberstein and Associate Professor Nathan Hart (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Tracking warning signals across a variable landscape

Dr Yijiao Jiang (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Covalently immobilised molecular catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction

Associate Professor Steve Lack, Professor Dominic Verity, Dr Richard Garner and Emeritus Professor Ross Street (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Working synthetically in higher categorical structures

Dr Christopher Lustri (Faculty of Science and Engineering): A new asymptotic toolbox for nonlinear discrete systems and particle chains

Dr Lee Spitler, Dr Joanne Dawson and Associate Professor Daniel Zucker (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Ultra-faint signatures of galaxy growth seen through the cosmic haze

Professor Simon Turner (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Role of water in earth and planetary evolution

Professor Mark Wardle (Faculty of Science and Engineering): The pathway to planets: formation of protoplanetary discs

Professor Yingjie Yang and Associate Professor Juan Afonso (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Unveiling the fine structure of the Australian continent using ocean waves

Dr Devika Kamath (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Cosmic alchemy: revealing the origin of elements in the universe

Dr Christopher Reid (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Ant-inspired rules for self-assembly in swarm robotics and complex systems

Dr Zichun Wang (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Tailoring multifunctional single site catalysts for carbon dioxide conversion

Dr Jonas Wolff (Faculty of Science and Engineering): Building your future: builder-building coevolution in animal architectures

Dr Christian Schwab, Associate Professor Daniel Zucker, Professor David Coutts, Dr Devika Kamath and Professor Richard de Grijs (Faculty of Science and Engineering): A robotic telescope leveraging global science from Veloce

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