Macquarie University’s Chancellor announces retirement

10 September 2018

After 11 years of distinguished service as Chancellor of Macquarie University, the Honourable Michael Egan AO has announced he will be retiring from the position in February 2019.

At the time of his retirement Mr Egan will be the University’s longest serving Chancellor, surpassing the previous longest term of the University’s first chancellor, Sir Garfield Barwick AC.

Mr Egan came to the University as a Council member in 2006 and shortly thereafter was elected as Chancellor. He was previously the longest serving Treasurer of the State of NSW.

In reflecting upon the Chancellor’s announcement, the Vice-Chancellor Professor S Bruce Dowton commented: “The University owes our Chancellor a debt of great gratitude. Mr Egan has led the University Council with his unique and endearing style through times of great change within the University and through a period of sustained growth.

“He has been an enthusiastic advocate for the University with its many constituencies. Most of all, he has set the standard for presiding at graduations which has set Macquarie apart from all other Australian universities.

“Graduation ceremonies presided over by our Chancellor present our graduates and their families with a unique and wonderful experience which mixes a formality appropriate to the ceremonial nature of the occasion with a genuineness of warmth and humour.”

The selection process for a new Chancellor will begin shortly.

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