Macquarie University invests in campus development with redevelopment of Central Courtyard and Arts Precincts

16 February 2018

To prepare for the next 50 years of its growth, Macquarie University is investing heavily in its campus with two major projects – the Central Courtyard Precinct and the Arts Precinct.

Within the Central Courtyard Precinct, the University is building new state-of-the-art facilities for staff and students to enjoy well into the future.

Designed by leading design studio Architectus, the new buildings will serve a variety of functions, delivering new social and educational infrastructure at the very heart of the campus. Existing structures will be redeveloped to be lighter and brighter than their predecessors, creating a new vibrancy and dynamism for all to enjoy. There will also be new on-campus accommodation for students.

The University is also making an investment into a new Arts Precinct. The transformational project for the Faculty of Arts will consolidate ten of twelve departments into a precinct that showcases the unique nature and focus of each. The project will also deliver a new 4800m2 building consisting of a new office and showcase area and a consolidated museum facility.

Both projects are part of Macquarie’s Campus Development Plan, a significant investment in future-proofing the University by building a dynamic, sustainable and world-class campus.

“The University’s Campus Development Plan is connecting people and enhancing their collaboration, learning and research outcomes so that Macquarie continues to play a leading role as a place-maker, education provider, research institute and employer, both now and into the future,” said Vice-Chancellor Professor S Bruce Dowton.

The overarching plan includes several other projects focused on improving convenience, connectivity and accessibility, green spaces and sustainability. Examples include the Macquarie University Incubator, opened in 2017, a new Bioscience research facility, and the new MAZE facilities for students.

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