Macquarie University launches inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan

26 May 2017

Ahead of National Reconciliation Week, Macquarie University has today launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), developed in partnership with Reconciliation Australia.

Dr Leanne Holt, Director Indigenous Strategy at Macquarie University, said she was excited to launch the RAP, which includes actionable steps across the following areas:

  • embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into teaching and research;
  • growing employment opportunities;
  • how the University celebrates dates of significance;
  • improving the learning experience for students; and
  • nurturing future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders.

“This year’s theme for National Reconciliation Week is ‘let’s take the next steps’ – a fitting year to launch our inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan,” said Dr Holt.

“While we’ve still got a long way to go, this RAP is the University’s most significant step towards building positive, sustainable relationships with the local Aboriginal community and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to date.”

The RAP complements the University’s Indigenous Strategy 2016-2025, released last year.

“Our Indigenous Strategy 2016-2025 outlines our internal commitments and, by working alongside Reconciliation Australia, the RAP extends the Strategy by providing a level of external accountability,” said Dr Holt.

“The RAP goes beyond our students and staff – it acknowledges the whole university’s responsibility to contribute to the broader community and society as a whole.

“I believe a RAP is extremely valuable for both the university and our communities, but the Plan needs to be driven by everyone, not just Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“While we have the highest numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, graduates and employees in Macquarie University’s history, the RAP is a true University-wide commitment to progressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander access and participation.

“This RAP is a clear commitment by the University to drive reconciliation and create opportunities, in collaboration with Aboriginal people.

“Thanks to the RAP coupled with our Indigenous Strategy 2016-2025, I’m positive about the University’s future in this space.”

As part of National Reconciliation Week, Macquarie University will host its inaugural Reconciliation Cocktail and Fundraiser, to showcase achievements towards Indigenous education, raise money for scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and celebrate contributions to reconciliation through the 2017 Macquarie University Reconciliation Award. Read the full Reconciliation Action Plan here.

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