New state-of-the-art, interconnected biological teaching laboratories transforming biology studies at Macquarie

18 November 2015

Last week saw the successful official opening of three new state-of-the-art, interconnected biological teaching laboratories in Building E8C.

The new labs, part of ongoing renovations within the Faculty of Science and Engineering, will enable undergraduate biology students access to modern, cutting-edge equipment, bringing them up to the world-class standard of our other digital learning environments.

Aside from the state of the art microscopes, the three labs also sport large internal and external display windows, featuring interesting relevant teaching materials that will complement the class activities.

These new look labs allow teachers and students to work together using the latest integrated technologies. The microscopy instruments’ integration system give students the opportunity to develop critical, analytical, and integrative thinking through their investigations – turning their laboratory sessions into targeted, intelligently-explained, and purposeful learning experiences.

The new labs were launched by Daniel Mehring, Marketing Director for our industry partner VWR International, with over 100 staff members and friends of the MQ Department of Biological Science in attendance. The launch event was a celebratory interactive welcome function enabling guests to preview the new labs and experiencing the sample displays set up on the new digital microscopes.

“One thing that surprised me was that staff and guests couldn’t quite get enough of looking through the microscopes at the displays,” Rekha Joshi, Senior Technical Manager commented. “They were all thrilled to see what they were not expecting to see, which in many ways is what these new labs are all about”.

Opening ribbon at Biology Lab Launch

Microscopes and flowers on display inside the Biology labs

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