Successful year for Faculty of Arts screen production students

17 November 2015

We are very proud of our screen production students and the successful year they have had with their films, documentaries and videos being accepted to feature at various film festivals around Australia.

Many of their productions were developed as part of their screen production studies under the expert guidance of our academic screen production staff. The students also had access to Macquarie’s screen facilities that include one of the largest and best-equipped screen studios available in Australia, with a large dedicated sound stage.

Screen production student Todd McHenry’s short documentary Grow Up investigates the dreams and aspirations of children aged 4-18 years, and attempts to uncover what motivates their choices as they grow up. It has been accepted to screen at the Adelaide Kids Film Festival. Todd made the film as part of his studies in the Advanced Screen Production unit. “This production has been extremely challenging, yet hugely rewarding. Directing for documentary has led to a better understanding of how to represent ‘the real’, and under the guidance of Macquarie’s academic staff, I could fully realise the concepts I wanted to convey. Being in a festival is purely a bonus!” says Todd.

Screen production student Mridula Amin has had her short film Dinner Conversations selected to screen in the ‘Is This Art’ series at Artreal Galleries, Sydney on 11 November.  Mridula created the short film as part of her Screen Production studies. The film takes a light-hearted and sometimes confronting look at conversations during dating in contemporary multicultural Australia.

The short documentary Smack Down (Under) by screen production student Bryce Mills was accepted for the Sydney Underground Film Festival.  It tells the story of how Bryce “The Cat” Mills power bombs himself into the whacky world of professional wrestling.

Third year screen production student Perry Lam’s independently produced video made  about student life at Macquarie University won first place in the AUG (AusEd UniEd Group) Australia video competition. Also his production of Black Rat was accepted into the official selection for the Sunshine Short Film Festival in Sunshine, Victoria and is also being screened in Singapore as part of the Substation First Take event, which highlights up and coming directors.

“Screen Production units at Macquarie are focused on developing student’s artistry and skills so that they can work in screen industries,” explains Dr Karen Pearlman, lecturer in Screen Production at Macquarie University. “These festival screenings affirm that Macquarie students are doing work that is competitive in the field, and give students a chance to get their work out there to be seen.”

Congratulations to our screen students. We are very proud of their impressive achievements.

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