Dr Lee Spitler wins ECR category at Research Excellence awards

6 November 2015

The Macquarie Research Excellence Awards were held on Campus on 4 November. Dr Lee Spitler and Dr Simon Gross were both nominated in the Early Career Researcher category for their tireless work in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Dr Spilter won the award for award for Research Excellence for Early Career Researcher, and Dr Gross was Highly Commended in the same category.

Congratulations to both Lee and Simon on their success.

A gateway to distant galaxies

Dr Lee Spitler’s research develops methods to maximise the information extracted from telescope observations. This allows the charting of previously unknown aspects of the universe and provides a gateway to new and original research investigations.

3D integrated ultrafast laser inscribed photonics

Dr Simon Gross has developed a world-class ultrafast laser inscription facility for enabling research breakthroughs. Ultrafast laser inscription is the only fabrication process that natively supports integrated 3-dimensional optical circuits.

Lee Spitler with his Research Excellence Award Group photo of The Macquarie Research Excellence Awards

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