Philosophers to gather at Macquarie

25 June 2015

The Australasian Association of Philosophy is holding its annual conference at Macquarie University, from 5 to 9 July.

The conference is designed to give professional philosophers and philosophy postgraduate students the opportunity to present and discuss papers in all areas of philosophy.

The keynote speakers will be:

Cordelia Fine will also deliver the 2015 Alan Saunders Memorial Lecture, in conjunction with ABC Radio National.

Experts from Macquarie University will also be presenting at the conference:

Paul Formosa
Paul is an expert in Kantian moral and political philosophy, and is interested in the topics of autonomy, dignity, respect, and agency in moral philosophy. He is a lecturer in the Philosophy Department, has previously received a DECRA grant, and is currently working on a learning and teaching project that explores the best way to teach philosophy.

Richard Menary
Richard is interested in the idea of encultured cognition, and is currently the research cluster leader of the Brain, Culture, and Mind research cluster for CAVE. He has a Future Fellowship to further explore the notion of encultured cogntion and has published several books on cognition, the extended mind, and other topics in philosophy of mind.

Elizabeth Schier
Liz teaches in the Philosophy Department and is interested in both Philosophy and Cognitive Science. She is currently finishing up a book on materialism and the subjectivity of consciousness, and was recently an invited speaker to a CAVE workshop on Predictive Coding, Delusions, and Agency.

Tereza Hendl
Tereza has recently graduated with a PhD in philosophy. Her interest is in practical ethics, and her thesis looked at the ethics of gender selection for non-medical reasons. She has previously organised a workshop to bring together fertility specialists and academics to discuss gender selection, and has also given a TEDx talk on the topic at TEDxMacquarie.

Jeanette Kennett
Jeanette is currently the Head of Department of the Philosophy Department, the research cluster leader of the Moral Cognition, Neuroethics, and Neurolaw research cluster at CAVE, and is a widely published researcher. She is interested in neuroscience and its intersections with ethics and law. She is also an expert in moral psychology, agency, and applied ethical issues such as addiction.

Places are still available: register here

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