Australian artists bring international exhibition home

23 May 2013

For the first time in Australia, the internationally acclaimed exhibition –Transit, will go on display at the Macquarie University Art Gallery.

Starting in May, it brings together the works of four Australian visual artists: Meredith Brice, Stephen Copland, Karee S Dahl and Colin G Reaney.

Previously at the Art Gallery NIE-NTU University Singapore and the Art Gallery Virginia Commonwealth University,Doha, Qatar. Macquarie is pleased to become the first Australian gallery to house the exhibition.

“I am delighted that the University has been chosen to provide a stage for this exhibition and to be the first in the artists’ home country is a special privilege,” says Rhonda Davis, Senior Curator at Macquarie University Art Gallery.

The exhibition explores the notion of the artist as global citizen, and utilizes a wide range of media including – installation, sculpture, drawing, collage, painting, construction and multi-media.

“It looks at how the artists are Itinerant in responding to and being influenced by the practices and beliefs of other cultures, where the concept of home translates as a fluid mix interconnected with time and place,” explains Davis.

“The exhibition culminates in a display that evidences the artists’ immersion and exploration of the concept of home, identity and relationship to place.”

The show will also be complemented by public workshops delivered by two of the exhibiting artists.

One presented by Meredith Brice will explore ideas of how fabric can shape, document and communicate the notion of travel both physically and through memory – past, present and future.

The other is an international workshop by Stephen Copland that will show students how artist books have the potential to function as an informed alternative space to celebrate migration heritage and cultural diversity.

“These workshops offer a great opportunity for the public to connect with the artist and their work in a way that extends beyond the exhibition,” says Davis.

Upcoming Art workshop in conjunction with the transit exhibition:

Travels in textile presented by Meredith Brice
Friday 7 June, 10am-1pm
Macquarie University Art Gallery

For more information on the exhibition and workshops visit:

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