Psychologist assures older adults depression is not a normal part of ageing

20 May 2013

Though many older adults attribute feeling down and losing interest in activities and relationships as just part of the ageing process, psychologist Carly Johnco is going out into the community to say there is an alternative.

Speaking at a free community information evening at Macquarie University, Johnco will speak about late-life anxiety and depression and the treatments available. She will also be reviewing some of the research into the risk factors, maintenance and management of late-life anxiety and depression and answering questions from the public.

“The aim of the information evening is to promote a clearer understanding within the community that these feeling are not simply a part of getting older and that there is help available,” says Johnco.

Carly Johnco has a special interest in the mental health of older adults. Currently in the final stages of completing her PhD, Johnco is looking at the impact of cognitive factors on older adults’ ability to learn and benefit from psychological treatment. Her research aims to improve the treatment of psychological issues in later life.

“Older people often think of mental health issues carrying a stigma but it’s just like treating any other medical issue. It’s important that people understand that there is an alternative to living with depression and anxiety in later life,” says Johnco.

Event Information:

Date:              Thursday 23 May 2013

Time:              6.00pm-7.00pm (doors open 5.30pm)

Venue:           Australian Hearing Hub, level 1 lecture theatre,
16 University Ave, Macquarie University NSW

Register online or call (02) 9850 8711

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