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POST  A silver lining that leads to the Eternal City

A silver lining that leads to the Eternal City

The way people work, learn and play across the world has significantly changed as individuals, organisations and governments respond to the outbreak of a global pandemic. The world over, people are wondering what the new normal might look like. There is much uncertainty, the news cycle is relentless and we now talk about pre-COVID-19 times. In 1634, English poet John Milton (1608-74) wrote ...

POST  Alumni authors

Alumni authors

Welcome to the MQ Matters series showcasing the books and articles written by Macquarie alumni to add to your reading stacks. From fiction, biographies, non-fiction, children’s literature or articles, Macquarie alumni are researching, writing and publishing thought-provoking, insightful and entertaining books to enjoy and share. If you have a book or article to share with your Macquari...

POST  Liane Moriarty – the best kind of rivalry

Liane Moriarty – the best kind of rivalry

2019 Alumni Award Winner – Arts & Culture Master of Arts, Creative Writing, 2003 Best-selling author All the best stories include a little bit of drama, and if you’re Liane Moriarty, a little bit of sibling rivalry doesn’t go amiss either. Especially if you want to publish your first book … They say inspiration can strike at any time, but for Liane Moriarty, her desire to be a...