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Photo of Vito Mollica
Professor Vito Mollica

Professor Mollica is Head of the Applied Finance Department. Professor Mollica’s research centres on securities market design, FinTech, asset  selection criteria, quantitative investment research and residential property price dynamics.  He is currently working on issues related to cryptocurrency, h...

Guilherme Belloque
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Imtiaz Bhayat
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Humyra Jabeen Bristy
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Edward Curran
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Aldo Fortunato Dalla Costa
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Daniel Daugaard
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Thi My Thuong Doan
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Qobolwakhe Dube
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Dr Eros Favaretto
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Stephen Friel
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Anil Gautam
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Dr Dionigi Gerace
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Giacomo Guidi
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Huimin Guo
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Jing He
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Abbas Hejri
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Fujing Jin
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Ognjen Kovacevic
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Abhay Kulkarni 
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Michael Lindsay
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Yixiao Liu
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Vincent Michael McGrath
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Evan Matthews
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Christian Neumeier
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Maria Francesca Nuzzo
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Luca Parlamento
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Florian Schroeder
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Ali Shimbar
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Ao Shu
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Leilei Song
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Qiao Sun
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Weijie Tian
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Niklas Trappe
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Yanling Wu
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Jing Xu
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Chen Yu Yan
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Xiaoguang Yao
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Hui Yu
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Qin Zhang
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Lingling Zhao
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Yi Zheng
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Mi Zou
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MRes Year 1

Daxuan Cheng
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Santosh Sapkota
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Bi Zhou
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MRes Year 2

Damian John Bridge
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Kin Yung (Mike) Chan
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Yi Chen
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Zini Liang
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Md Hasib Noor
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Hamid Yahyaei
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Dana Yamout
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Huixan Zhang
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