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PALMER, George Thomas (1784-1854)
Son of John Palmer, Commissary of NSW and Susan [née Stillwell]. Married Catherine Irene Pemberton (1787-1855) on 26 March 1805 in Malta. Arrived in NSW in 1806. Nine children.
[see: Australian Dictionary of Biography; also available online].

PALMER, John (1760-1833)
[see: Australian Dictionary of Biography; also available online].

PASCO, John (1774-1853)
Royal Navy officer; Commander of H.M. ship Hindostan in 1809-1810.
[see: Profiles; also The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. [2004] Vol. 42 p.964].

PASCO, Rebecca (nee Penfold) (c1785-18**)
First wife of Royal Navy captain, John Pasco, commanding officer of HMS Hindostan.
Daughter of J.L. Penfold of Plymouth Dockyard; married 1 September 1805 at Stoke, Devon. Accompanied her husband on the voyage to NSW in 1809 with two young children, William (1807-), and Horatia (1808-) returned to Britain in 1810. A third child, John (1810-), was born at sea on the return voyage (on 5 July 1810).
[see: Profiles].

PATERSON, Elizabeth (nee Driver) (c1770-1839)
Wife of Colonel William Paterson (1755-1810). Scottish.
Baptised on 21 April 1770; married on 2 September 1789 at St Martin in the Fields church, London, and travelled with her husband to New South Wales in 1791. She accompanied him to Norfolk Island (November 1791- March 1793). They travelled to Britain in 1796 but returned to Sydney in 1799. Her husband was wounded in the shoulder in a duel with Captain John Macarthur in 1801. Thereafter, she nursed her increasingly debilitated and sickly husband at Port Dalrymple and Launceston (1804-1808) and in Sydney in 1809, when he assumed command of the Colony after the overthrow of Governor Bligh. However his health incapacitated him and administrative authority devolved largely to Major Joseph Foveaux (1767-1846). After the death of William during the return voyage to Britain in 1810 on board the Dromedary with the main contingent of the NSW Corps she subsequently married Lieutenant-General Francis Grose (c1758-1814), the former commanding officer of the regiment in NSW, in March 1814. He died one month later at Croyden, Surrey. She remained a close friend of the Macarthurs and died on 14 May 1839 at Liverpool, England.
[see: Whitaker, Anne-Maree. 'Mrs Paterson's keepsakes: the provenance of some significant colonial documents and paintings' JRAHS Vol 90, pt 2 (December 2004) pp. 136-151.

PATERSON, William (1755-1810) - Colonel
Military officer (NSW Corps), explorer, and Lieutenant-Governor of NSW/VDL. Scottish.
Served in India and South Africa prior to his arrival in Australia; noted for his explorations and his expertise in collecting of botanical, geological and natural history specimens. Amateur artist. Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. Wounded in a duel with Captain John Macarthur in 1801, and suffered continuing ill-health thereafter. Established a new settlement in northern Van Diemen's Land named Port Dalrymple (later re-named Launceston) in 1804. Died at sea off Cape Horn on 21 June on board the Dromedary which was transporting a large contingent of the NSW Corps (re-named 102nd Regiment of Foot) home to Britain.
[see: Australian Dictionary of Biography Vol. 1; also available online].

PENNELL, William
British Consul at St Salvador, Brazil.

PIKE, John (c.1780-1863) - Lieutenant
Military officer (73rd Regiment) and landowner in NSW and Queensland.
Served in NSW (1809-1814) and Ceylon [Sri Lanka (1814-1821); sold his commission in 1824 and returned to NSW in March 1825. Extensive landholdings at Maitland and the Clarence River areas, and later into southern Queensland. In March 1839 Pike was appointed by Governor Gipps to serve as one of the magistrates on a three-man commission of inquiry into the massacre of Kamilaroi aborigines that had taken place in January 1838 at Snodgrass Lagoon (on Waterloo Creek) in the Gwydir River region [west of Moree]. Died: 9 March 1863 at Tours, France.

PITT, Mary (1748-1815)
Widow of Robert Pitt.

POOK, George Anthony [also POOKE] (d.1840) - Lieutenant
Military officer: 73rd Regiment; served in NSW/VDL: 1812-1814, Ceylon: 1814-1821.

POWELL, Edward (1762-1814)
Free settler; visited by the Macquaries in 1810.

PRITCHARD, Samuel Perkins (c.1750-1813)
Royal Navy officer; Master of H.M. Storeship Dromedary between 1809-1813. Pritchard died on 3 September 1813 while in command of the Dromedary as it sailed with a West Indies convoy that had departed from Portsmouth on 9 August 1813.

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