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Thursday 1. March 1821 !
I went to Parramatta with my Family, accompanied in a separate Carriage by Major & Mrs. Mc.Leod & Family.

Friday 2. March !
I went to Windsor wt. Major Druitt in the Carriage accompanied by Major Mc.Leod & Lt. H. Macquarie on Horse-back; Dined & Slept there; having inspected all the Public Works before Dinner.

Saturday 3. March !
We set out very early this morning from Windsor — Breakfasted with Sir John Jamison at Regent Ville and afterwards visited & Inspected the Govt. Farm on Emu Plains. — We returned in the afternoon to Parramatta.

Monday 5. March !
Went to Transact Business at Sydney, returning to Parramatta to Dinner. —

Thursday 8. March !
I went to Liverpool early this morning accompanied by Mrs. Macquarie & Lachlan in the Carriage to inspect the Public Works there. — We Breakfasted and dined at the Inn, and in the Evening returned to Sydney. —


New South Wales The Governor's Diary – and Memorandum Book – Commencing on Sunday – the 11th. of March 1821 – and – Ending on [12 February 1822]

Sunday 11. March 1821 !
This day at Noon the Ship Dick, Commanded by Capt. William Harrison, with 140 Male Convicts from England, anchored in Sydney Cove; Doctor Armstrong R.N. being Surgeon Supdt., and the Guard consisting of 26 Soldiers of the 24th. Regt. being commanded by Lieut. Isaacson of the 47th. Regt. —

The Dick sailed from Falmouth on the 4th. of Novr. last – being 4 mos. & 7 days Passage; touched nowhere, and has lost none of her men. —

No Dispatches have been received by this Ship. —

Saturday 17. March 1821 !!!
This morning early the Expedition Commanded by Capt. Allman of the 48th. Regt. Embarked for "Port Macquarie" — on board the Government Vessels Lady Nelson Brig, Mermaid Cutter, and Prince Regent Schooner; the Expedition consisting of the following number and description of them — Vizt.

1 Capt. Francis Allman Commandant & Magistrate
2 Lieut. William Wilson – Actg. Engineer
3 Mr. A. Fenton – Asst. Surgeon
2 Serjeants
2 Corporals
1 Drummer
33 Privates – Total Troops – 41.
4 Mr. Stephen Partridge – Supdt. of Convicts & Public Labour.
1 Convict Doctor (Cooke)
60 Convict Artificers & Labourers
Women & Children

Wednesday 21. March !
The Expedition for Port Macquarie sailed finally this morning for its Destination with a fair wind; having been detained lying at the Heads for the last four days by contrary Winds. —

Thursday 22 March 1821 !!!
This morning between 6 and 7,O'Clock the Ship Shipley, Commanded by Capt. Moncrief, sailed direct for England. — Lieut. Leroux of the 48th. Regt., and Family, are gone Home in the Shipley. — I gave charge of my Dispatches for Lord Bathurst to Capt. Moncrief, and of my Military Dispatches to Lieut. Leroux. — Capt. Moncrief was so good as to take charge of some presents (including a Pair of Emus & 3 Black Swans) for Countess Temple from Mrs. Macquarie; and also of a Box of Feathers & Pebbles of N.S.W. from me for Miss Harriette Morley. —

Monday 26. March !
The Govt. Brig Prince Leopold commanded by Capt. Chace, with Troops, Stores and Slop Clothes for Van Diemen's Land sailed early this morning for the Derwent. — Major Mc.Leod & Family, Mr. Talbot, & the Revd. Mr. Conolly went Passengers in the Prince Leopold.

This afternoon between 4 and 5,O'Clock William Minchin Esqr. (late Capt. in the 102d. Regt.) Principal Superintendent of Police and Magistrate of this Territory, departed this life after one week's illness universally and most deservedly regretted by all who knew him, and his Death must be considered a very great Public loss; as, I know not a single man in the Colony competent to fill up his Place as Supdt. of Police. —

Tuesday 27. March !
The Interment of the late William Minchin Esqr. Supdt. of Police &c. took place this afternoon at 5,O'Clock, and was most numerously and respectably attended. — I was not able to attend owing to Indisposition which I regretted much. — In order however to mark my sense of the loss the Colony has sustained by the Death of this valuable and useful Officer, I have resolved on having a handsome neat Tomb erected over his Grave at the Public Expence, and have given orders to that effect accordingly to the Chief Engineer.

Wednesday 28 March !!!
This being the Anniversary of the Birth of our beloved Boy, who this day completes his Seventh Year, the same was kept and celebrated with the usual demonstrations of Joy. — In the morning we had a water Excursion to as far as Point Piper – with several Boats full of Natives – his own Cutter forming one of our little Fleet. — The Boys and Natives were afterwards entertained by Lachlan at Dinner, as well as at Breakfast. — His adult Friends were also Entertained at a separate Dinner – and the whole concluded with a Ball in the Evening.

Thursday 29 March !
Having some time resolved on proceeding on a Public Tour of Inspection to the Settlements in Van Diemen's Land, and having with that view lately engaged a Passage for myself and Family (Mrs. Macquarie & Lachlan intending to accompany me –), on board the Private Merchant Ship Midas, belonging to Mr. Underwood, I this day sent my Horses and Carriage and the principal part of my Baggage on board that Ship, it being my intention to sail on Saturday morning next, wind and weather permitting.

Friday 30th. March !
The remaining part of our Baggage, Stock, and Stores for the Voyage, were shipped on the Midas in the Course of this Day. —

Saturday 31. March 1821 !
It was our intention to have embarked and sailed on this day in the Midas; but unfortunately the Wind has changed, and blows this morning a very Strong Southerly Gale, which precludes the possibility of our departure till the Wind again changes, and which it is feared it will not do for 3 or 4 days to come. — We shall however be ready to start the moment the Wind becomes favourable for us. — It came on very heavy Rain at 11,O'Clock this forenoon. —

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Original held in Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.210a. [CY Reel 301 Frame #622].
Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 11 March 1821 - 12 February 1822. Original held in Mitchell Library, Sydney. ML Ref: A774 pp.210b-217 [CY Reel 301: Frames #623-#630].

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