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Wednesday 1st. Septr. 1819 !
This day anchored in Sydney Cove The Ship Canada Transport, Commanded by Capt. Alexr. Spain, with 133 Male Convicts from England – whence she sailed on the 23d. of April last, touching at Rio de Janeiro – from which she sailed on the 26th. of June. — Doctr. Mc.Namara R. Navy is Surgeon Supdt. of this Ship, and the Guard consisting of a Detachment of the 87th. Foot is commanded by Lieut. Ramus of the 30th. Regiment. — The Guard and Convicts have arrived in good Health, but two of the latter died on the Passage. —

Mr. Woolstonecraft, Merchant, is come out Passenger on the Canada, with the view of establishing a Mercantile House at Sydney in Partnership with Mr. Berry.

Monday 6. Septr. !
This morning early The Private Merchant Ship Adml. Cockburn Capt. Briggs, sailed for the Derwent. — By this Ship I sent 130 Male Convicts (of those arrived in the Bencoolen) for the use of the Settlements on Van Diemen's Land. —

Tuesday 21. Septr. 1819 !!!
This forenoon anchored in Sydney Cove the Ship Daphne Transport, Commanded by Capt. Hugh Mattison, with 178 Male Convicts from Ireland – whence She Sailed on the 28th. of May last; Mr. — [name omitted] Armstrong R. Navy being the Surgeon Superdt., and the Guard consisting of Detachments of the 46th., 48th. & 87th. Regts. being Commanded by Capt. Brooke of the 48th. Regiment. — Two of the Convicts died on the Passage; the rest as well as the Troops, arriving in good Health. — The Capt. of the Daphne reports that the Male Convict Ship "John Barry" – having Commissioner Bigge on board, had Sailed from England for this Country on the 18th. of May; so that She may now be daily expected.

Wednesday 22. Septr. 1819.
This day we engaged, with his own entire acquiescence and particular desire, as well as with the consent and entire approbation of Captain Austice and Doctor Evans, the Commander and Surgeon of the Ship Bencoolen (in which he came out) Mr. Theodore Bartley – aged this same day Sixteen – and well educated – as a Tutor for our dear Boy Lachlan – to remain with us in that Capacity till our arrival in England; engaging to pay him at the rate of Fifty Pounds per annum Salary, independent of his Board & Lodging & Washing.

L. M.

Saturday 25. Septr. !
I set out this morning for Windsor, after Breakfast, in the Carriage, accompanied by Mrs. Macquarie and Lachlan; Mrs. King having accompanied in a separate Carriage. —

Sunday 26. Septr. !!!
This day at 10,O'Clock in the forenoon, anchored in Sydney Cove, the Ship John Barry Transport, Commanded by Capt. — [name omitted] Ellerby, with 142 Male Convicts from England – whence She sailed on the 30th. of April last, touching at Madeira and Rio de Janeiro; Mr. J. Bowman R. N. being Surgeon Supdt., and the Guard consisting of 31 Soldiers of the 59th. Regt. being commanded by Lieut. Lucas of the same Corps. — The Guard and Convicts have arrived in good Health, none of either having died on the Passage.

By this Ship John Barry, John Thomas Bigge Esqr. Commissioner for the affairs of New South Wales, and also his Secretary Thos. H. Scott Esqr. have arrived as Passengers; and on the landing of the former this Forenoon at Sydney, he was Saluted with 13 Guns from Dawse's Battery.

J. Bowman Esqr. Surgeon R. Navy now arrived in the John Barry has been appointed at Home to succeed Mr. Wentworth as Principal Surgeon of these Settlements, with a Commission from the Prince Regent as such. —

N. B. I received an Express at 5,O'Clock this Evening at Windsor, acquainting me with the arrival of the John Barry, and of the Commissioner from England; and also informing me that it is his intention to wait on me here tomorrow. —

Monday 27. Septr. 1819.
I Commenced taking the General Muster at Windsor between 9 and 10 O'Clock this morning. —

At 12,O'Clock at Noon this day the Honble. Commissioner Bigge and his Secretary Mr. Scott, accompanied by Mr. Secry. Campbell, arrived at Windsor, coming directly to Government House whither I proceeded immediately from the Muster Room to receive them. — From the very gentlemanly manners and polite address of Mr. Bigge I am very much prepossessed in his favor – and I am also much pleased with Mr. Scott's manners and mild address. — After introducing them to Mrs. Macquarie, I accompanied Mr. Bigge to my own Room, where he delivered me the Dispatches he was charged with for me from Lord Bathurst. We then proceed to the Inn where I had engaged Sleeping Apartments for him and Mr. Scott – and from thence the Commissioner accompanied me to the Muster Room to witness the Muster. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 9 July 1818 – 28 February 1821.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.65-69. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #467-471].

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