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1818 sydneygazette

Description of the new Macquarie Lighthouse, South Head.

MACQUARIE TOWER and LIGHT, is situated on the highest Part of the Outer South Head of Port Jackson Harbour, in Latitude 33° 5' 40" S. and Longitude 151° 16' 50" E. from Greenwich. The Height of the Light from the Base is 76 Feet; and from thence to the Level of the Sea 277 Feet, being a total Height of 353 Feet. — The Inner South Head bears from the Light-House N. by W. ¾ W. distant 1¼ Miles. The Outer North Head bears from it N. by E. 2 Miles. The Inner South Head and Outer North Head, lay N. E. ½ E. and S. W. ½ W. of each other, distant 1 1-10th Mile. The Light can be seen from S. by E. to N. by E. Those lines of Bearing clearing the Coast line ½ a point each way, and may be discovered from a Ship's deck on a clear Night, 8 Leagues. The North End of the Sow-and-Pigs Reef bears from the Inner South Head, S. W. by W. ½ a Mile.

N.B. The Bearings are Magnetic, and the Distances computed in Nautic Miles. The Variation 9° Easterly.

(signed) J. OXLEY, Surveyor General.
Sydney, New South Wales,
29th April, 1818.

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Sydney Gazette 13 June 1818 p.1a.

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