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Thursday 7. Novr. 1818 !!!
This day The Ship Morley Transport Commanded by Capt. Brown anchored in the Harbour from England, from whence She Sailed on the 18th. of July last – touching no where, being only 3 months & 20 Days in making the Voyage. — The Morley brings 163 Male Convicts from England –; Mr. Jno. Whitemarsh R. Navy being Surgeon Supdt., and the Guard consisting of a Detachment of the 84th. Regt. Commanded by Lieut. Beamish of the same Corps.

Only one Convict died on board the Morley out of 164 originally Embarked.

The Ship Harriet which sailed from hence on the 22d. of Decr. 1817 for England had arrived there on the 15th. of June last, and I have received Letters from Capt. Gill (who went Home in that Ship) dated as late as the 13th. of July, informing me that he had delivered all my Dispatches safe. —

L. M.

Wedy. 11. Novr. 1818 !!!
I went down to Sydney this morning early to the General Muster – which I finally closed this at 12,O'Clock for the Current Year; ascertaining that the Population in the Town of Sydney and immediate Vicinity amounts this Year to [figure omitted in text] Souls including the Military – and that the whole Population of the Territory (– including Van Diemen's Land) amounts to 25,054 Souls !!! —

Tuesday 17. Novr. !
I came down early this morning from Parramatta to Sydney in the Carriage, accompanied by Mrs. Macquarie and Lachlan.

After Breakfast I mustered the Convicts landed from the Morley.

L. M.

Wednesday 18. Novr. 1818 !
This day anchored in the Harbour the Ship Shipley Transport Commanded by Capt. Moncrieffe, with 147 Male Convicts from England – whence she sailed on the 19th. of July last – touching no where. — Mr. Robert Espie of the R. Navy is Surgeon Supdt., and the Guard on board the Shipley consists of a Detachment of the 84th. Regt. under the Command of Lt. Mc.Gregor of the same Corps. —

The Shipley sailed from England in Company with the Ship Lord Melville with Male Convicts for Van Diemen's Land.

Thursday 19. Novr. !
— Early this morning anchored in Sydney Cove the Ship Elizabeth Transport commanded by Capt. Ostler with 101 Female Convicts on board from Ireland – whence She sailed on the 27th. of July last; leaving three other Ships at Cork taking Male Convicts on board for this Colony. — Mr. Wm. Hamilton R. Navy is Surgeon Supdt. of the Elizabeth. — Passengers Messrs. Fallon and Reddington. — L. M.

Sunday 22. Novr. 1818.
The Lady Nelson arrived late last night from Newcastle, bringing as Passengers from thence John Oxley Esqr. Dr. Harris, Mr. Evans, and the other Persons composing the Western Expedition fitted out in the month of May last under the orders of the former Officer for the purpose of tracing the Macquarie River to its Embouchure – or termination; and having failed in this Grand object, Mr. Oxley has returned with his Party by a different Route, having taken an Easterly course till he reached the Ocean at Port Macquarie on this Coast – about 120 miles to the Northward of Port Stephens.

The Party have all returned in good Health, and Mr. Oxley, accompanied by Mr. Evans, made his report to me this morning; as did also Charles Fraser the Botanist.

L. M.

Friday 27. Novr. 1818.
I went by water this morning to Breakfast at Macquarie-Tower – to examine it, and give some directions, preparatory to the Light being permanently exhibited and Shewn on Monday next the 30th. Inst.

Mrs. M. & Lachn., Mr. & Mrs. Wylde, Capt. Mc.Dougal, Major Druitt, and the Gentlemen of our own Family, formed the Party which accompanied me on this occasion.

At 2. P.M. I inspected and spoke to the 12 Men who Accompanied Mr. Oxley on his last Expedition – and in his own presence returned them my thanks for their steady good and obedient Conduct on the Expedition; and being all Convicts, I have promised to give them Conditional Pardons as a reward for their good behaviour: — The following are their Names – Vizt. —

x 1 Wm. Warner — 7 Francis Lloyd —
x 2 Patrick Byrne — 8 Barnard Butler —
x 3 James Blake — 9 Thomas Ellis
x 4 George Simpson — 10 John Dwyer
x 5 James Williams — 11 Richard Watts
6 John Williams — 12 Henry Shippey

N.B. The 5 men marked x thus have been on both Expeditions.

I gave the 12 men aforementioned an Order on the Dy. Comy. Genl. under this date, for issuing to each of them, as Donations on the part of the Government from the King's Store, One Complete Suit of Winter Slop Clothing and one Suit of Bedding; a Complete Ration of Meat and Biscuit, and Half a Pint of Spirits – for their Dinner tomorrow. — I also promised to give them all any further indulgences in the way of Lands &c. as Mr. Oxley should recommend and think them entitled to. —

L. M.

[End of entries for 1818]

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary. 9 July 1818 - 28 February 1820.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.13-18. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #415-420].

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