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This afternoon between 4 and 5,O'clock, anchored in Port Jackson, the Ship Fame Transport, Commanded by Capt. Henry Dale with 198 Male Convicts, guarded by a Detachment of the 46th. Regt. Commanded by Ensign Orange. — The Fame Sailed from England on the 9th. of Octr. last, and touched on the passage at Rio Janeiro.

Mr. John Mortimer is Surgeon & Superintendant [sic] of the Fame. — He reports that only two convicts died during the Voyage hither – and that all the rest have arrived in a very healthy state. —

Mr. & Mrs. Laycock & Family, Mrs. Kitchen, and some other Free Persons have come out as Passengers and Free Settlers in the Fame. —

Monday 10. March !!!
This afternoon, between 3 and 4 OClock, Anchored in Sydney Cove, the Ship Sir Wm. Bensley Transport Commanded by Capt. Lewis E. Williams, with 200 Male Convicts from England (one only having died in the Passage), guarded by a Detachmt. of the 46th. Regt., commanded by Ensign Ross; Mr. — Evans being Surgeon & Supdt. of this Ship. — The Sir Wm. Bensley sailed from England on the 9th. of Octr. last, and touched at the Cape of Good Hope. — Lieut. Governor Sorell, lately appointed to supersede Lt. Govr. Davey as Lt. Governor of Van Diemen's Land, is arrived a Passenger in this Ship. —

Tuesday 11. March 1817 !
Lieut. Govr. Sorell landed this day at 11,O'Clock, under a Salute of 13 Guns from Dawse's Battery in honor of his arrival at Sydney. —

Capt. Gill Actg. Engineer, mustered and inspected the Male Convicts recently arrived, in the Fame this day – and has made a very favorable report of the State and Condition he found them in. —

L. M.

Friday 14. March !
The 198 Male Convicts recently arrived in the Fame were this day landed; and after being inspected by myself in Person in the Jail–Yard in the usual manner, were distributed. —

L. M.

Saturday 15. March !!!
This day between the Hours of 11 and 12 O'Clock His Honor Lieut. Govr. Wm. Sorell was sworn in by me at Government into Office, in presence of the Principal Civil Officers of the Colony, and was afterwards entertained at Dinner together with the said Principal Civil Officers of Government. —

L. M.

Monday 17. March 1817 !
This forenoon the Ship Surry (late Hired Transport) Commanded by Capt. Raine, Sailed for England, via Batavia and Bengal. — On the same day anchored in Port Jackson the American Ship Enterprise, commanded by Capt. Rufus Coffin, originally from Philadelphia, but last from a Sealing Voyage in the South Sea. — she has only come in here for Refreshments. —

Capt. Gill Acting Engineer this Day mustered and inspected the 200 Male Convicts lately from England on board the Ship Sir Wm. Bensley Transport, and makes a very favourable report of their state and condition – and good treatment during the Voyage by the Commander and Surgeon. —

L. M.

Friday 21. March !
This morning early the whole of the Male Convicts recently arrived from England on board the Ship Sir Wm. Bensley Transport were landed – and after being inspected by myself in Person at 10,O'clock in the Jail Yard, were distributed to the Settlers &c &c in the usual manner; Seventy of them having been reserved for the Settlements in Van Diemen's Land. —

L. M.

Sunday 23. March 1817 !
This morning between 7 and 8,O'Clock H. M. Colonial (new) Brig "Elizabeth-Henrietta", Commanded by Mr. Thomas Whyte, Sailed for Van Diemen's Land; having 40 Male Convicts for Hobart–Town, and 30 Male Convicts, together with a Supply of Slop Clothing & artificers Tools for Port Dalrymple, on board with Orders to touch at the latter Settlement first – and from thence proceed direct to the Derwent; from whence, after taking a Cargo of Wheat on board for Government, She is to return as soon as possible to Head Quarters.

L. M.

Thursday 27. March !!!
This Evening between 7 & 8,O'Clock, The Ship Cochin, having His Honor Lt. Govr. Sorell, and Ensign Ross of the 46th. Regt. on board as Passengers, Set Sail for the Derwent with a fair Wind; Lieut. Governor Sorell having embarked at 3,O'Clock the same day under a Salute of 13 Guns from Dawse's Battery !

L. M.

Memo ! — Fridy. 28. March 1817 !
The Foundation of the new Barrack, intended for the accommodation of 400 Male Convicts in Hyde Park, was commenced digging this Day ! — N.B. The Foundation Stone was laid on 6 Apl.

L. M.

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 10 April 1816 – 1 July 1818.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A773 pp.89-93. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #323-327].

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