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Sunday 2d. June 1816 !!!
At 2. P.M. this day I received an Express Dispatch from Jas. Mileham Esqr., one of the Magistrates of Windsor, reporting to me the distressing event of a Complete and awful Flood having taken place there on Friday the 31st. Ultimo, by the inundation of the River Hawkesbury and South Creek, both of which had overflown their Banks and laid the whole of the Low Country under Water, to the great injury and distress of the Settlers residing on the Banks of that River and Creek, who will lose their Houses and greatest part of the Grain both in and out of the Ground.

No lives have as yet happily been lost, and very few Cattle or Stock of any kind with the exception of Hogs & Pigs. —

The Water however continued rising at the time the Express Constable left Windsor yesterday at 1,O'Clock in the afternoon and had risen 12 feet above Howe's Bridge over the South Creek, covering the whole Surface of the adjacent low grounds, in so much that the Constable was obliged to cross in a Boat from Windsor to Mr. Thompson's Farm of West Hill to the Red House ! —

Monday 3. June 1816 !!!
At 3. P.[M]. this day I received an Express from Wm. Cox Esqr. Magistrate at Windsor, reporting to me, that, at the Hour of 12,O'Clock yesterday, the Waters began to subside, but had risen to immense Height the preceding Evening – being as high as the Flood which took place in 1806 – and which was the highest that ever took place since the original Establishment of the Colony in 1788 – having risen in some parts of the rivers Hawkesbury and Nepean to the enormous Height of Ninety-one feet !!! —

Mr. Cox's Report states that all the late sown Wheat will be lost, and great part of the Early Wheat, now in the Ground, as well as a great part of the Maize still out.

L. M.

The American Ship Avon, commanded by Capt. Whittimore, sailed this Day, for the North West Coast of America – and ultimately for China. —

L. M.

I drew of this date on the Police Fund in favor of Wm. Tyson Constable in Appin for £5 Cury. as a reward for his late Services as a Guide with Capt. Wallis after the Hostile Natives. —

L. M.

Tuesday 4. June 1816 !!!
This being the anniversary of the Birth of our most gracious sovereign, who this day complets [sic] the 78th. year of his age, the same was observed as a Holiday throughout the Territory, and kept with the usual Demonstration of joy and respect. — I held a Levee at Government House at 1,O'Clock, and entertained the Gentlemen of the Colony and a few of the Ladies at Dinner – to which 78 Persons sat down; – 21 having excused themselves from the Country Districts on account of the badness of the Weather. Mrs. Macquarie entertained the Ladies of Sydney in the Evening with Tea Coffee, Cards, Music, and a little Dance: – all which went very well off.

In honor of the Day, I released all the Black Native Prisoners who were some time since taken and confined in Jail on suspicion of being concerned in the recent Hostilities, with the exception of Dûal who is still retained in Prison; the remaining 15 Men, Women, & Children being allowed to return to their Friends. —

L. M.

Thursday 6. June 1816 !!!
I sent two fine Boys named Nalour and Dooro – and two Girls named Mybah and Betty – Black Natives – all being about 8 years of age, lately taken Prisoners along with the Hostile Native Tribes, to the School or Native Institution some time since established at Parramatta for the Civilization of the Aborigines of [of] this Country; these 4 Children having themselves expressed a wish to go to the Institution and to remain in it. — They were accordingly sent up thither this morning in the Passage Boat in charge of one of the Sydney Constables.

I this day appointed Bidgee-Bidgee Black-Native, to be the Chief of the Kissing Point Tribe, and invested formally with a Brass Gorget having his name and Title engraved thereon.

Bidgee Bidgee brought in Coggie, the late Chief of the Cow Pasture Tribe, who made his Submission, delivered up his arms, and promised to be friendly in future to all White People. —

L. M.

Friday 7. June 1816.
The Detachment of the 46th. Regt. Commanded by Captain James Wallis, (whom I have appointed lately to be Commandant and Magistrate of that Settlement in room of Lieutenant Thompson) for the relief of the Detachment now at Newcastle in Hunter's River, embarked this forenoon on board the Brig Lady Nelson, and sailed in the Evening from Sydney Cove with a fair Wind for that Station.

L. M.

Sunday 9. June !
The Brig Lynx, Capt. Read, sailed this Day for Bengal. — I sent Dispatches by her as per Receipt. —

Thursday 13. June !!!
The Government new Brig so long on the Stocks (now nearly 10 years!) – and which, I have named "The Elizabeth Henrietta" – in honor of Mrs. Macquarie, was launched this forenoon at Half past 11,O'Clock, from the King's Dock Yard at Sydney – and went off in a most beautiful style; Thos. Moore Esqr. the former Master Builder, and who had originally laid down her Keel in the year [date omitted] was so good as to attend to assist Mr. Cozar the present Master Builder with his advice in the Operation of launching the new Vessel. — The Elizabeth Henrietta measures 125 Tons only – but being very roomy and well adapted for Stowage, will carry about 150 Tons of Cargo. —

In honor of the occasion of the Launch I gave a Donation of Eight Gallons of Spirits from the King's Store to Mr. Cozar for his own use and that of all the Artificers and Labourers employed in and about the King's Dock-Yard, including the Boatswain of the Yard, the Government Coxswain – and the Commander of the New Brig. —

This day at 1. P.M. Nicholas Delaney the Overseer of the Working Gang employed for some time past in the Government Domain reported to me that Mrs. Macquarie's New Road – (measuring 3 miles and 377 yards –) round the inside of the Government – together with all the necessary Bridges on the same – were completely finished agreeably to the Plan laid down originally for constructing it by Mrs. Macquarie.

As a reward for their exertions in having Completed "Mrs. Macquarie's Road," on this particular and auspicious Day, I have given Delaney and his Gang of Ten Men, Five Gallons of Spirits amongst them – as Donation from Government from the King's Store. —

Late in the Evening of this Day, the Ship Guildford, Capt. Magnus Johnson, sailed for Batavia. — I sent Dispatches by her as per Receipt. —

Sunday 16 June !!!
This Evening sailed from Port Jackson for England, the Brig Alexander Capt. Hamilton, having Doctr. Wm. Macdonald late Surgeon & Agent of the Ship Fanny Transport, Ensign Stedman of the 46th. Regt., and the Revd. Benjamin Vale, on board as Cabin Passengers. — I sent Public Dispatches by this opportunity for His Majesty's Ministers in England, and gave charge of them to Doctor Macdonald. —

L. M.

Monday 17. June 1816.
I this day Granted an Order on the Police Fund for Five Pounds Currency drawn in favor of Thomas Acres (Son of a Settler in District of Airds) as a remuneration for Services rendered by him as a Guide to Capt. Wallis's Detachment when employed in pursuit of the Hostile Native. —

L. M.

Tuesday 18. June 1816.
The Brig Bridgewater, Capt. Jones, sailed this day for India – via Batavia ! —

I this day drew a Draft on the Police Fund in favor of Thomas Acton Brickmaker, for Twenty (£20.) Pounds Sterling; being on account and in part payment of Bricks made by him for the use of Government Public Buildings carrying on at Parramatta. —

L. M.

Sunday 23. June !! —
This forenoon anchored in Sydney Cove the Ship Frederick Capt. Williams, and Ship Lady Elliot Capt. Abbott, both originally from Bengal but last from the Derwent. —

L. M.

Friday 28. June 1816 !!! —
This afternoon about 4,O'Clock Wm. Broughton Esqr. Asst. Comy. General and one of the Justices of the Peace of this Territory, was committed to Confinement in the Common Jail of Sydney by Warrant issued by Mr. Justice [Bent], on the alledged [sic] Plea of contempt of his authority as Judge of the Supreme Court – refusing to admit him to Bail tho' solicited so to do earnestly [by] Mr. Broughton. — Mr. Broughton after being committed a Prisoner to Jail, having appealed to me on the injustice and tyrannical conduct of Mr. Justice Bent towards, and stating to me that he had committed no Crime which could possibly warrant such Treatment – and of the truth of which Statement I was perfectly satisfied; I interposed my authority as Governor in Chief, and Chief Magistrate of this Territory, in this singular case, in granting a Warrant for liberating and discharging from Jail immediately the said Wm. Broughton Esqr. —

L. M.

Sunday 30. June 1816.
The Ship Dowson Capt. Gibson sailed this morning for Batavia. —

The Government Brig Lady Nelson, having Lieut. Thompson late Comdt. of Newcastle and part of his Detachment on board, arrived this forenoon from the Coal River in Sydney Cove; having been detained for three weeks at Newcastle by contrary Winds and Boisterous Weather. —

L. M.

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 10 April 1816 - 1 July 1818..
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A773 pp.19-28. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #256-265].

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