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Tomb Inscription: Jane Macquarie (nee Jarvis) [1772 - 1796]

Here lie interred the much honored and beloved Remains of
of his Majesty's 77th Regiment and youngest Daughter of
THOMAS JARVIS ESQR. late Chief Justice and Member of Council
of the Island of Antigua, where she was born on the 16th of October
1772. She was married at Bombay on the 8th of September 1793
And died of a Consumptive Illness at Macao in China on the
15th day of July 1796. Aged 23 Years and 9 Months.
Her Physicians at Bombay having recommended a Sea Voyage
to China, as the last Resource for the Recovery of her Health, she
went thither accordingly accompanied by her Husband, having
sailed from Bombay on the 18th of May 1796, on board the
Exeter Indiaman, commanded by Captain LESTOCK WILSON
But unhappily the Voyage was not attended with the so much
wished and hoped for Success, for this fatal and cruel Malady
with which she was afflicted carried her off on the fifteenth day
from her Arrival in China. From whence her disconsolate and
unhappy Husband brought back her beloved Remains on board
the Ship Sarah, commanded by Captain CHARLES MCINTOSH
in order to be honorably interred in this spot where she was laid
on the 16th day of January 1797. Her Funeral being attended by
her numerous Friends and the highest and most respectable
Characters in this Settlement. To those who knew her modest
Worth no Panegyric can be necessary and to those unacquainted
with her suffice it to say, that she possessed in a most eminent
degree all the Virtues that adorn the Female Character, and render
it worthy of universal Admiration. As a Wife, Daughter and Sister
she was preeminently conspicuous and an excellent Pattern for
Others. In her Manners she was mild, affable and polite. In her
Disposition sweet and even. In her Opinions liberal. And in her
Appearance elegant without extravagance. True Christianity
gave a superior lustre to all her Virtues. She was an excellent
Model of every Female Virtue: and those of her Sex who make
her their Pattern, may with Confidence anticipate a glorious
Immortality and look forward with Pleasure to Virtue's best
Reward the applauding Smiles of heaven. This is the least tribute
of Praise and Gratitude that a fond affectionate and disconsolate
Husband can pay to the beloved and honored Memory of the best
of Wives and the best and most amiable of Women.

This TOMB STONE is erected by him not only in honor of
her Memory and in Testimony of his sincere Grief for her Loss
but also as a lasting Monument of their mutual disinterested
Love and Affection for One another. For he can safely and
without Vanity affirm that never yet lived a happier or a
more contented Couple in WEDLOCK.

Transcribed in Bombay by R. W. MUNRO and published in his book Lachlan Macquarrie XVI of Ulva, with Notes on some Clansmen in India. Karachi: Private Publication (100 copies), 1944 p.25.

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