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Jany. 1.
Thursday. I went down early this morning to the Beach to see all my Baggage landed from the Boats, and to hire Coolies to carry it to Cantonments, which was done accordingly and the whole is to be carried out thither this day and tomorrow under the charge of our Head Servant Hyder who has taken great care of everything, nothing being lost. — Doctor Anderson and some friends of the 77th. dined with us at Gordon's today, to keep and celebrate the New Year.

I wrote letters this day to the following friends at Bombay — vizt. Capt. Dunlop, the Revd. Mr. Burrowes, Lieut. Wilson & Lt. R. Gordon.

Jany. 2.
Friday. Mrs. Macquarie having expressed a wish to see her House in Cantonments previous to her removal there entirely, we went out thither this morning and Breakfasted with Doctor Anderson, where Mrs. Shaw received and waited upon Mrs. M. to welcome her to Cantonments. — Mrs. M. came out in Mr. Gordon's Palanquin, and I rode her new Horse, which Mr. Gordon had purchased for her from Mr. Agnew for Three Hundred Rupees: — he is of what is called the Turkai Breed from Bengal: he was rode by Mr. Agnew and is very quiet and gentle, but sufficiently lively for a lady, and well worth the money that was paid for him: and I am happy to find us now so well provided in Cavalry; as we shall have a good deal of pleasant riding. Mrs. Macquarie's Saddle has by some unfortunate accident been lost in the hurry of putting our things on board at Bombay, but Mrs. Shaw has been so obliging to supply her with a spare one of her own.

On or way to Anderson's to Breakfast we called at the House, with which as well as the situation at large Mrs. M. seems very well pleased. — After Breakfast she and Mrs. Shaw came down again to the House, and staid there arranging her Furniture &c &c, until near Dinner time: Mr. and Mrs. Shaw having made a point of our dining with them in Cantonments this day, which we did accordingly; and fixed Sunday the 4th. Instant for dining with Lieutenants John and Archibald Campbell, having determined on removing for good and all on that day from our friend Gordon's to our own House in Cantonments. — We returned about Sun–set to Calicut. —

Jany. 3.
Saturday. — Colonel Bowles, Lieut. Colonel Dow, our friend Anderson, and several other Gentlemen dined with us today at Gordon's. — In the Evening Gordon and I went to call on Capt. & Mrs. Mignan. —

Jany. 4.
Sunday. Having previously sent out all our things from Gordon's we set out from thence about 12,OClock from the Cantonments, are proceeded direct to our own House there, and had time to make a number of little arrangements before dinner; as well to determine on several improvements and additions necessary to be made to make the Hall and Bed–Room Wing of the House neat and comfortable; and which, I apprehend, will cost us a good deal of money before the whole work is finished: however, I have given immediate directions for its being begun. — Agreeably to our engagement we dined today with the two Lieut. Campbells, who had a large party of the Regiment to meet us. —

Jany. 5.
Monday. We dined this day with our friend Anderson who had also a very large Party to meet us at his House. — We Breakfasted this morning at Shaw's. —

Jany. 6.
Tuesday. We dined at our own House this day for the first time we have been at home since we left Bombay.

Jany. 7.
Wednesday. Our friend Geo. Gordon came out to see us, and I took that opportunity of Paying for the Horse he was so good as to Purchase for Mrs. M. I also settled with him that he should dine with us en famille every Sunday; as we have fixed on that day for dining always at home, and having our friends Anderson and Gordon as constant Guests; and a few other friends occasionally: – they have both done us the favor to comply with our united request in this respect. —

Jany. 11.
Sunday. I wrote this morning to my friend Capt. Geo. Mackenzie 75th. Regt. at Bombay, giving him an account of our arrival here &c &c. —

We had our friends Anderson, Gordon, and Mr. and Mrs. Shaw to dine with us today. —

Jany. 13.
Tuesday. We dined with Capt. Whitelocke and a large Party of the Regiment. —

Jany. 14.
Wednesday. Lieut. Gray having been sent on Duty to Cochin after Deserters, I commissioned him to procure and purchase two young smart slave Boys at that place: Lieut. Gray set out this day for Cochin.

Jany. 24.
Saturday. Lieut. Gray returned from Cochin, and brought me two very fine, well–looking healthy Black Boys; both seemingly of the same age, and I should suppose from their size and appearance that they must be between six and seven year old. — The stoutest of them Mrs. Macquarie has called Hector after my Brother: and the smallest I have called George after her Brother.

Lieut. Gray has executed his Commission much to our satisfaction, for which I conceive myself much obliged to him. — The Two Slave Boys cost One Hundred and Seventy Rupees.

We had the Boys immediately well washed, their Hair cut and combed, and well clothed. — Our Repairs and improvements come on very slowly and prove very expensive. —

We are all very busy at Drill, preparing for our Review. We are out every morning and sometimes in the Evenings. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Journal No.3: 29 December 1794 – 27 September 1799.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A769 pp.7–15 [Microfilm Reel: CY299 Frames #390–#394].

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