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Andrew Thompson (1773-1810)

Cemetery Inscription - St Matthews [Anglican Churchyard], Windsor (NSW)

Justice of the Peace and Chief Magistrate of
the Hawkesbury a Native of Scotland
Who at the age of 17 Years was sent to this Country who
from the time of his arrival he distinguished himself by
the most persevering industry and diligent attention
to the commands of his Superiors. By these means he
raised himself to a state of respectability and affluence
which enabled him to indulge the generosity of his
nature in assisting his Fellow Creatures in distress more
particularly in the Calamitous Floods of the river
Hawkesbury in the Years 1806 and 1809 and at the
immediate risque of his life and permanent injury
of his health he exerted himself each time during
three successive Days and Nights in saving the lives
and Properties of numbers who but for him must
have perished.

In consequence of Mr Thompson's
good Conduct Governor Macquarie appointed him
a Justice of the Peace. This act which restored him to
that rank in Society which he had lost made so deep
an impression on his grateful Heart as to induce him
to bequeath to the Governor one fourth of his Fortune.
This most useful and valuable Man closed his
Earthly career on the 22nd. Day of October 1810 at His
House at Windsor of which he was the principal Founder
in the 37th. Year of his age with the Hope of Eternity.

From respect and esteem for the Memory
of the deceased
this monument is erected by
of New South Wales
A.D. 1813.

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