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(1794 -1820)
Nephew of Elizabeth Macquarie (nee Campbell)

Born on 16 November 1794. Second eldest son of Lt. Col. James Campbell of Glenfeachan (16th and last Laird of Glenfeachan)[1760-1808] and Margaret Campbell of Airds [c.1765-1845](elder sister of Elizabeth Macquarie).

He joined the army in February 1809 (aged 14) as an ensign in the 73rd Regiment. Soon after his enlistment he sailed with the Macquaries to Sydney.

Duncan Campbell appears to have sailed for Hobart in June 1810 on board the King George as part of the contingent of the 73rd sent by Macquarie under the command of Captain John Murray.

Campbell gained his lieutenancy in November 1810 and served in Van Diemen's Land from 1810-1814. He was stationed throughout this period at Hobart, though he accompanied the Macquaries on their visit to Port Dalrymple in December 1811. In 1812 Macquarie appointed his nephew to act as Naval Officer at Hobart on a salary of five shillings per day (drawn from colonial revenue) to which was added the responsibility of Treasurer of the Police Fund in January 1813. This latter position was an honorarium without financial benefit.

On 5 June 1814 Campbell sailed from Hobart with his regiment for Ceylon on board the Windham - arriving in Colombo on 6 November 1814.

He died in Ceylon in September 1820, aged 26, and was buried near Trincomalee on 28 September.


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